Personal tax

The Danish tax rules can be a jungle to navigate around on your own. Therefore, you can greatly benefit from seeking help and guidance from RSM, both as an employee and employer. We can advise you in relation to the tax rules for individuals - in everyday speech called personal tax.

Personal tax for workers

Although the rules for many private individuals may seem confusing, over time it has fortunately become much easier to get an overview of the personal tax. Previously, you had to make sure to report everything to SKAT yourself, but today most reports are made automatically. Most employees can therefore generally just check the advance statement and annual statement, respectively, when they are ready in the tax folder on SKAT's website.

It is temporarily still important to know the rules so that you do not have to pay more in personal tax than you need to. Although the majority of reports are made automatically, the tax system is not infallible, and it is therefore important that you can see through your annual statement. You may also be entitled to deductions that you do not know about - for example in relation to driving, housing, loans and interest, pension, company car, investments, shares and the like.

At RSM Denmark, we can help you with the full overview of personal tax, tax return, advance statements and annual statements.

Personal income tax for employers

Of course, it is not only workers who have to keep track of personal taxes. As an employer, you are responsible for reporting your employees' wage income and ensuring that tax and contributions are paid on the salary. In addition, there are a large number of possible challenges that you as an employer must be aware of in relation to personal income tax - for example gifts, bonuses, remuneration payments, cash recognitions, employee benefits and the like.

We make sure that you as an employer are in control of your duties, including what must be reported and when, so that neither you, your company nor your employees get into problems with SKAT. At RSM, we can of course also advise you in relation to both Danish and international tax rules, if you have employees who work abroad.

Always up to date in VAT, taxes and duties

It is important to us that all our auditors deliver the quality we are known for.

We therefore ensure that all employees and partners are up-to-date with changes in the legislation within VAT, tax and duties. This is done through constant training, course activities and participation in subject-relevant seminars and go-home meetings. In addition, we give very high priority to knowledge sharing between our offices around the country and our tax experts at Revitax.