The Danish tax rules can be a jungle to navigate around on your own. Therefore, you can greatly benefit from seeking help and guidance from RSM Denmark’s personal tax services, both as an employee and employer.

Our personal tax specialists can help with every aspect of personal tax advisory, including tax returns, advance statements, and annual statements.


Personal tax services for workers

Although the rules for many private individuals may seem confusing, over time it has become much easier to get an overview of personal tax. Previously, you had to report everything to SKAT yourself, but today most reports are made automatically.

Employees can now just check the advance statement and annual statement respectively when they are ready in the tax folder on SKAT's website. However, it’s still important to know the rules and receive personal tax support so you do not pay more than you need to.

At RSM Denmark, we can help with personal tax support and offer advice. You may also be entitled to deductions that you do not know about - for example, in relation to driving, housing, loans and interest, pensions, company car, investments, shares, etc. We offer personal tax optimization to help you get the most out of any benefits or deductions.


Personal tax services for employers

Of course, it's not only workers who have to keep track of personal taxes. As an employer, you are responsible for reporting your employees' wage income and ensuring that tax and contributions are paid on the salary.

There are also several possible challenges that you as an employer must be aware of concerning personal income tax – for example, gifts, bonuses, remuneration payments, cash recognitions, employee benefits, etc. A personal tax consultation can highlight any possible challenges for your business.

We offer personal tax solutions to make sure you are in control of your duties as an employer. We can help with all aspects of personal tax support, including what must be reported and when to protect both your company and your employees. We can also give personal tax advice in relation to both Danish and international tax rules, if you have employees who work abroad.


Why choose RSM Denmark’s personal tax services?

Our personal tax specialists have the expertise and experience to help with personal tax matters, whether you’re an employer or an employee.

To ensure we offer the latest advice and the best personal tax support for you, our employees and partners are kept abreast of changes in legislation within VAT, tax, and duties. We do this through ongoing training, course activities, and subject-relevant seminars.

We also make use of the knowledge of the personal tax experts at Revitax, a firm co-owned by RSM. This enables us to provide specialist services for more complicated cases.

Contact our expert team today for an in-depth personal tax consultation and discover how we can help you and your business.