Communication and advertising agencies

Consulting for communication and advertising agencies

Communication and advertising agencies work in an industry that must always be ready for change and follow the latest trends. RSM Denmark has a broad customer portfolio within the agency industry and therefore understands the important elements and problems that can arise when you have a communications or advertising agency. We have several accountants who are specialists in the industry who can advise you and your company on healthy growth.

As the owner of a communications and advertising agency, there are many different work assignments, where there may be some assignments that you find more exciting than others. At RSM Denmark, we love working with finance and consulting. Our accountant can therefore help you make your everyday life more manageable by taking care of the financial part of your company and thus create a positive growth.

Just like in the agency industry, we know how important it is for our clients to be available to our clients at all times, as well as deliver quality on time. That's why RSM Denmark works as a sparring partner you can always reach if you need help. Our accountant follows up on the latest rules and trends that may have an impact on your business. You can therefore safely leave your finances in our hands knowing that you are getting the best advice.

Accountant with extensive experience in consulting and assistance to communications and advertising agencies

Our auditors pay particular attention to the following services and services that are relevant to the communications and agency industry

  • Investments
  • Establishment and development
  • Tax optimization and tax planning
  • Travel settlement
  • Reports to SKAT, ATP, pension companies etc.
  • Settlement of bonus
  • Operating and liquidity budget