Auditing and consulting in Copenhagen

Our merger with Revisorgaarden in Copenhagen is RSMs bridgehead to Copenhagen and contributes to our reputable and traditional concept with a focus on closeness.

The merger also further strengthens the company’s overall competences and competitiveness through improved utilization of resources and knowledge sharing – for the benefit of our customers.

The essence of our work is to figure out what is valuable for our customers and use that as the focal point of the department. Flexibility, close contact, and open dialogue are core values for us and helps us ensure the optimal solutions for our customers. Everyday we look forward to better getting to know our customers.

Our focus on close and personal relations benefits our many diverse customers – foundations, associations, properties and especially family-owned and family-held businesses.
We consider ourselves a service company to the same extend as an auditing company.
We are located in the heart of Copenhagen – and with us the customer is in focus.

We know that the customer experience is created by the employees who meet the customer at eye-level. Our department is characterized by stable and loyal employees and we strive to embrace the entire employee, humanly as well as professionally. A healthy business approach and an ability to be visionary on behalf of our customers is something we are proud to possess.  

We are distinctly generalists with broad professional knowledge. This means that we can always respond to customers with an immediate need. When the need for specialized knowledge occurs, we also know who to draw on. We always stand behind the customer – but we are one step ahead when it comes to development and innovation. Therefore, most people will recognize that: We are visionaries!


At Vesterport 6, 5th floor
1612 Copenhagen V

Opening hours

January 1 - July 31
Monday - Friday: kl. 08:00 - 16:00 

August 1 - December 31
Monday - Thursday:  kl. 08:00 - 16:00
Friday:  kl. 08:00 - 15:30


T: 33 93 22 33


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