Prinsessegade 60
Ryes Plads
7000 Fredericia

Office hours

January - July 31
Monday - Thursday: kl. 08:00 - 16:00
Friday: at 08:00 - 15:30

August - 31st December
Monday - Thursday: kl. 08:00 - 15:30
Friday: closed

T: 76 34 40 05

Auditing and consulting in Fredericia

Our department in Fredericia is distinguished by being the city's largest, locally owned auditing firm, which gives RSM a strong market position in the area.

Like many of RSM's other departments, our branch in Fredericia is strongly rooted in the local area, and the local profile is something that appeals greatly to the many local companies who are strongly represented in the department's customer portfolio.

Most of our customers are thus local companies who appreciate an auditing firm that not only acts professionally and competently when solving tasks, but also has a local affiliation and an in-depth knowledge of local conditions.

Our customer portfolio includes companies of all sizes in all segments, but with a clear preponderance of customers from the craft-, automotive-, real estate- and contractor industries.

The diversity of our customer portfolio requires that our team be composed of skilled and competent generalists who can navigate safely no matter which industry they operate in. Training and competence development of our employees is therefore highly prioritized. Skilled employees are what we are made of, so we protect the strong team of competent employees in our department.

With expertise, experience, and commitment, you can get far... but not all the way. In our experience, a service-oriented mindset, knowledge of and receptiveness to customer challenges and individual circumstances, as well as related needs, are the be-all and end-all for success in problem solving. That is precisely why we are not only looking at our professional qualifications, but also very much at the fact that: We are local!

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