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Auditing and consulting in Hanstholm

The Hanstholm department is located, in scenic surrounding, on the edge of Denmark. Here almost everything is devoted to fishing.

Our branch in Hanstholm has grown and developed concurrently with the development of fisheries in the port city in north-west Jutland. Most of the department's customers are related to the fishing industry, be they fishing companies, production companies, transport and export of fish, commercial and service enterprises in the fishing industry, as well as professional organizations from the industry. The common focal point for many of our customers is thus the activities in and around Hanstholm Harbor.

We have followed the process, where you have gone from fishing on a common Danish quota to instead having to buy the rights to unload the raw materials from the sea instead. And we humbly consider ourselves one of the leading experts in the field. It is precisely the handling of fishing rights that is the absolute core competence of the department.

Most of our customers are local, but we also serve customers outside the local area and - like RSM’s other departments - can serve a wide range of other industries in connection with accounting, auditing, tax advice, establishment counselling, business services and more.

Our business services department has always been relatively large in relation to the size of the department. Previously, we handled most of the administrative tasks for the many small cutters in the area. Today, there have been significantly fewer of the small cutters and several large fishing companies, but history does not deny itself, and therefore there is still a need for a dynamic business services department in Hanstholm. So, although not everything is about fishing rights, we dare to state: We have the expertise!


Office contacts

Lennart Mouritzen
Chartered auditor & partner
T: 96 55 79 06
M: 29 29 02 61
Services: Audit & accounting, Tax, Conselling