Hurup Thy

Auditing and consulting in Hurup Thy

Our department in Hurup Thy has a wide and versatile customer portfolio, the vast majority of which are local companies.

Here, local knowledge and close customer relations have proven to be successful. The term "all-round department" is a predicate that fits nicely for our department in Hurup Thy. We have a wide range of customers in virtually all industries, from supply, fisheries, energy, and industrial to housing associations, independent institutions, retail stores and craftsmen. We represent the entire palette, so to speak, from the small, fledgling sole proprietorship to the large, well-established group.

Such diversity creates high demands for our employees, who must be able to handle both simple accounting tasks and complex industry-related tasks. And we can. We have a strong team of employees who possess a broad all-round knowledge including a various special competencies.

We believe in the strength of allocating the right employees to the right tasks, so that we get the most out of the individual employee's special competencies, and at the same time we believe in the importance of the close, personal contact between us and the customer. Therefore, we make a virtue of taking all matters into account when distributing customers among us.

The fact that our customers are assigned a permanent partner, a permanent accountant and/or a permanent business service employee provides quality when solving the task. Thus, we get in-depth knowledge of the customer's relationship, so that the associated employee will know customer's individual characteristics and history like the back of his/her hand. This creates continuity, efficiency and quality in the solving of tasks and ensures that our customers receive professional and well thought-out advice. And the result speaks for itself: We create customized solutions!


Møllevænget 17
7760 Hurup Thy

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