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From this article you will learn:

  • the new functionalities of Oracle NetSuite PLP Package 2022.1;
  • the new improvements of Oracle NetSuite PLP Package 2022.1.


Polish Localization Package (PLP) provides an extension of a native functionality in NetSuite Oracle. It is a set of designed modules intended to fully support your financial NetSuite system in compliance with the Polish requirements stated in the Polish Accounting Act. We regularly update the PLP module and so we would like to announce a new version of Oracle NetSuite Polish Localization Package 2022.1 software. Our release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

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New NetSuite Polish Localization Package functionalities:

1. New report: VAT sale / purchase summary

Additional report to improve calculation of VAT values and verification of compliance with JPK_V7 and VAT-UE.

This report summarises VAT sale and purchase registers and groups the values according to different parameters:

  • accounting period, tax period, tax code;
  • accounting period, tax period, tax rate;
  • tax period, tax code;
  • tax period, tax rate;
  • accounting period, tax code;
  • accounting period, tax rate;
  • tax code;
  • tax rate.

Nowy raport: VAT sale / purchase summary

Usprawnienie podliczenia wartości VAT

Raport podsumowuje rejestry VAT

2. Configuration of PLP GUS & Whitelist

Parametrization has been made available for the verification of taxpayers in VAT and downloading clients’ data from GUS. The configuration enables to manage scripts related to:

  • verification of VAT status when adding and editing a contractor’s record;
  • verification of VAT status when adding transactions;
  • downloading GUS data when adding and editing a contractor’s record.

PLP GUS & Whitelist

3. Client scripts Loader

The system configuration now provides an option to merge all scripts offered by the Polish Localization Package into a single deployment script. With this functionality, you can reduce the number of scripts running on different records. It makes life much easier for NetSuite Administrators whenever they have limits on the number of scripts running simultaneously.

3.	Client scripts Loader

4. Automatic dispatch of approved sales invoices from NetSuite (configuration by consultant required)

Wysyłka zatwierdzonych faktur sprzedaży

Improvements of NetSuite Polish Localization Package

1. Calculation of FIFO valuation: extra settings for postings

In the settings section related to posting of FIFO valuation, new parameters were added for the created accounting document:

  • choice of Journal Entry transaction form;
  • choice of prefix for PLP numbering;
  • choice of classification values: location, department, class.

Kalkulacja wyceny FIFO

2. VAT sale register: additional column Approval date

For the report of VAT sale register, an extra column was provided, i.e. “Approval date”, showing the value of PLP Approval Date field indicated in the source document.

Rejestr sprzedaży VAT



3. JPK FA: Retrieving intercompany client name

In “PLP Setup” configuration, there is now a parameter for retrieving the intercompany client name to the JPK FA file from the “Addressee” field instead of “Company Name”.

Pobieranie nazwy kontrahenta

4. Update of file names of generated reports

Names of files generated when enumerating reports for all available formats have been improved. The name now includes the type of document, date range used for the calculation and the identifier from DEK.

Aktualizacja nazw plików generowanych raportów

5. Transfer of dates and exchange rates from the original document to adjustments

PLP scripts for Credit Memo and Bill Credit documents have been extended to include the transfer of dates and exchange rates from the source document. This solution ensures that source document dates are correctly transferred to adjustments, as well as relevant dates and exchange rates for VAT purposes.

Automatically updated fields:

  • Credit Memo PLP Sales Date;
  • Credit Memo PLP VAT Exchange Rate Date;
  • Credit Memo PLP VAT Exchange Rate;
  • Bill Credit PLP Purchase Date;
  • Bill Credit PLP VAT Exchange Rate Date;
  • Bill Credit PLP VAT Exchange Rate;

Przenoszenie dat i kursów walut

6. Optimisation of report generation time in Excel file formats

Generating accounting reports (Transaction Detail, Trial Balance), VAT registers and SAF-T declarations has been improved to .xls and .csv file format.

7. Adjustment of PLP package to support Scan&Capture integration

PLP package scripts were adapted to support Script 2.1 version, required for the Scan&Capture integration to operate properly.

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