Managing Partner

Bartosz graduated from the Poznań University of Economics specialisation: corporate accounting and finance. He is a qualified tax advisor (ref. 11251).

With RSM Poland since 2001, he has been the President of the Management Board since 2002. He transformed the company from a minor entity employing only a few persons providing tax and legal services to a company hiring hundreds of staff and offering a wide range of auditing and advisory services. Bartosz is active in the RSM International network, he participates and manages the work of the Central and Eastern Europe groups. Since 2018, he has been a member of the European Leadership Team, supporting the operations of RSM companies in Europe.

His area of expertise encompasses M&A and transaction advisory, both for domestic and foreign transactions. He manages projects as a key advisor, usually representing the buy-side. Bartosz supports clients in negotiations and structuring transactions. He is an experienced manager and advisor in the field of M&A, company valuation and due diligence projects. He is in charge of the Transaction Advisory Department of RSM Poland. Bartosz is a fluent English speaker.

He is married with four sons. Bartosz is also a passionate gardener who loves to take care of his garden and constantly replans it. If he is not into some creative process, it means that some big project is on the way, either in business or in the garden. Changes are his natural environment. He is an avid fan of Ryszard Kapuściński since he first discovered his works when he was a teenager and is still struck by the writer’s multi-layered observations of the world. He tries to perceive the reality in the same way. Bartosz plans on pursuing sailing and pilot’s licences.