Marcin Kawka
Audit Partner

Marcin is a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics, specialisation: corporate finance and accounting. He is also a qualified IT engineer graduated from the Poznań University of Technology. In 2009 he was entered in the register of statutory auditors.

With RSM Poland since 2001, Marcin is in charge of the team performing financial audits comprising corporate internal control reviews, auditing and reviewing separate and consolidated financial statements (also those prepared in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards), verifying consolidation packages, investigating merger plans and due diligence projects for both domestic and foreign entities. Marcin is also a member of the Management Board of RSM Poland Audyt S.A.

As a long-term practicing professional, Marcin shares his knowledge and experience in accountancy and audit through training courses dedicated to management boards as well as finance and accounting authorities scheduled by the Polish Accountants’ Association. As a member of the RSM IFRS Champions Group, Marcin participates in IAS/IFRS trainings provided by RSM.

After hours, Marcin is an avid fan of football and running, spending his free time on running routes and football pitches.