At the China desk, we always put the needs of our Chinese-speaking customers first. It is our understanding of needs, respect for culture and communication in Chinese that makes us able to anticipate emerging opportunities and challenges and offer a comprehensive service tailored to the changing requirements of the Polish market. We provide services at the highest level, building a relationship based on trust, respect and cooperation.


The China desk coordinates the work of all the RSM Poland service lines, focusing on efficient communication with Chinese investors in their native language.


The China desk is a trusted partner in the Polish-Chinese business.

The China Desk was established in response to the expectations of Chinese customers, with whom we want to work in a manner tailored to their individual requirements and needs. In providing services within the framework of the China desk, we take the specificity of customers from Chinese-speaking countries into account, pay attention to the knowledge of Chinese business culture and focus on accurate communication in Chinese.

Our interdisciplinary China desk team supports Chinese investors in setting up and running a business in Poland. Extensive substantive knowledge in the scope of auditing, law and taxes, supported by many years of experience on the international market, excellent cultural understanding and practical knowledge of the Chinese language guarantee satisfaction from mutual cooperation.

Thanks to efficient and close cooperation within the RSM network, including with RSM members directly in China, we can offer our clients from the Middle Kingdom comprehensive solutions that bring added value to their company.

China Desk

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What does the China desk at RSM Poland offer?

We comprehensively support Chinese entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their business activity on the Polish market.

We offer our Chinese-speaking clients:

  • comprehensive tax consulting;
  • financial audit services;
  • accounting outsourcing;
  • HR and payroll documentation outsourcing;
  • reporting outsourcing;
  • corporate services, necessary for the proper functioning of an enterprise, in full compliance with the provisions of law in force;
  • transactional consulting in purchase, sale, merger and acquisition projects;
  • IT consulting services based on implementation, optimization and localization of Oracle NetSuite.

Why is it worth choosing the China desk at RSM Poland?

  • We speak your language;
  • We understand and respect the cultural differences that divide us;
  • We provide a single point of contact for all legal, tax and financial matters;
  • We can quickly and professionally prepare the necessary translations;
  • We provide the assistance of an interpreter during meetings with business partners;
  • We are committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships;
  • We act quickly and are oriented towards providing efficient solutions;
  • We design and implement solutions that take your domestic business environment into account - including differences in commercial, financial and tax law regulations and differences in approach to business - in contacts with employees and contractors and in contacts with authorities;
  • We have numerous Asia-related contacts within the RSM network.

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