When the founder of RSM Singapore Chio Kian Huat started the firm in 1985, he made it clear that the firm is not to be a family business. In those days, many founders of professional firms would pass the baton to their children. Mr Chio reckoned that this would stifle the growth of the firm, and made it a policy not to allow family members of any partner in the firm to take on permanent employment positions. 

Over the years, the Senior Partners took great pains to search, recruit and groom future leaders of the firm. They looked for talents with the same cultural fit, who share the same purpose with the firm and have the passion to serve businesses. With banks and Big 4 firms dangling bigger remuneration packages, it has been an arduous task to attract the brightest talents to join a home-grown firm.

Fast forward to today, after more than 36 years of growing the firm,  a structured succession plan to continuously groom our next generation of leaders has been put in place.

Leaders of the firm undergo a gruelling process where they are meticulously picked, groomed, stretched and tested. Only those meeting our high standards in integrity and quality work, who exhibit our values, with a true passion to help businesses, grow our team, and build the firm for the future, will succeed.

Leadership renewal is a continuous journey. The firm is constantly on the lookout for talents who believe in our cause to join us and continue the legacy of the senior leadership whose vision, selfless and tireless efforts have built the foundation of RSM Singapore.  We invite you to a chat anytime when you are ready: [email protected].

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2021 Appointments

RSM Singapore unveiled the second generation of key leaders of the firm who assumed their new appointments from 1 October 2021.  Four partners have been appointed to head the following pillars of the firm. They are:


Derek How
Head of CPA Practice


Woo E-Sah
Head of Audit


Koh Puay Hoon
Head of Tax


Terence Ang
Head of Advisory


The CPA Practice is further supported by the following Group Partners in our integrated audit and tax practice that has been structured to better serve our clients. 

Chan Weng Keen


Chow Khen Seng


Lee Mong Sheong


Ng Thiam Soon

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