Client Portal - Are you on board?

Published on September 14, 2022

We have rolled out the Client Portal as part of our firm’s digitalisation initiative to bring our service to the next level.

Since its launch, we have been receiving enquiries from our clients and we would like to share some of the common enquiries here:


1. What is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal is developed to cater for the increasing demand for sharing of electronic documents between client organisations and the various service lines of our firm. It provides a secure environment for document exchange. The Client Portal is made secure by industry-grade encryption technology and user authentication that enhance confidentiality and security of documents that a regular e-mail cannot achieve. Only authorised users from client organisations and our firm can access the documents.  


2. Must I use it?

It is not mandatory at this point. However, there are many features and security measures users can benefit from:  

  • Request and receive electronic documents from authorised personnel.
  • Access archived documents (e.g. previous years’ financial statements, company resolutions, and corporate tax computations) from the Library 24/7.
  • Uploaded documents are automatically encrypted to ensure absolute confidentiality and security. Documents are only accessible by authorised personnel from both our firm and client organisations.
  • Enhanced security that allows a single sign-on (SSO) with industry-standard 2FA (two-factor authentication) to access ALL e-services from our firm.


3. How DO I START?

Clients will be gradually on-boarded with help from our business units. The appointed contact personnel from client organisations will receive an account activation e-mail during the on-boarding process. Clients who require immediate access or assistance may approach our personnel in charge of their organisations.

Kindly note that access and use of the Client Portal is subject to the Terms of Use set out in the portal.



If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected].