Why RSM?


Our dedicated F&B, Retail and Consumer Products team translates deep knowledge and insights on your unique challenges into holistic solutions. We help you to recognise opportunities, stay updated on regulatory changes, and restructure and reorganise to improve processes and supply chain management, and facilitate M&A, tax compliance and audits.

We deliver technological solutions that streamline processes, enhance productivity and achieve cost savings, empower your business with the flexibility to shift manpower as needed, and support you with a wide range of expert advice.

Our broad support covers three areas:

Cross-border Expansion



F_B-a.png F_B-b.png F_B-c.png
  • Gain access to experts and advisors in 123 countries
  • Leverage on us to help your business connect to
    multiple channels
  • Protect your intellectual property rights
  • Identify your value proposition and new markets
  • Partner with us to explore methods of increasing conversion rates
  • Tap on us as your vantage point towards achieving cost control and value differentiation
  • Refining supply chain management
  • Outsource the non-core to focus on your core revenue-generating business
  • Improving your business processes to be more
    productive and competitive
  • Insights into best practices
  • Access to our technology experts on technological improvements
  • Using technology and analytics to be more efficient and unlock new opportunities
  • Obtain extra insights from key ratios: break-even analysis,
    average spend per guest, working capital management
  • Professional advice on best practices

key Contacts


Yang Li Lianyang_li_lian_230x230.jpg
Partner & Industry Lead

T: +65 6594 7897
E: [email protected]


David Eu david_eu_chee_wei_230x230.jpg
Partner & Deputy Industry Lead

T: +65 6715 1338
E: [email protected]