Case study: Automated reconciliation and report generation


Pain Points

Manual and time-consuming process to reconcile information across various sources for operational reporting stifled business scalability


A software that automatically reads data from various sources and file formats, reconciles them, and generates the output reports in the required format accurately and timely

Result/ Benefits

Improved accuracy

Time-saving of up to 90%

Pain points

Our client operates a business that requires several monthly reports to be prepared and presented for each of its business units.

The process of generating the monthly reports was time-consuming as it encompassed many steps and referencing of data from multiple sources in different formats.

As the process was manual, our client found it difficult to manage the monthly reporting process as the business grew. 


We first provided consultancy services to the client and suggested ways that revamped their reporting processes and revised their data management requirements. 

We then developed a programme that read the input files, cleansed the data, reconciled the information, identified all potential discrepancies, and then output the results of the analyses in nicely formatted reports.


The solution boosted the efficiency of our client’s monthly reporting process and the accuracy of their business reports. The tedious and time-consuming task of report generation was delegated to the software and the staff only needed to focus on validating the reports and verifying the discrepancies. This freed up their resources for higher-value work.

As the business grows, the number of reports will increase proportionately. But with the solution, the additional time and effort required to generate the reports will be marginal.



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