Case study: Automated solution to extract and analyse data from investment management reports


Pain Points

Heavy reliance on manual effort to extract data from PDF reports into MS Excel for analysis and interpretation


Robotic process automation (“RPA”) that automates the extraction of key data from the PDF reports, analysis, and visualisation of the data

Result/ Benefits

Time-saving of more than 90%

Reduced errors

Enhanced insights

Pain points

Our client owns multiple investment portfolios managed by different asset managers. Every month, each asset manager would issue a monthly report in PDF format.

To analyse data, our client had to manually export data from a PDF report into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, transforming it into a more accessible format. Due to the manual nature of the process, it not only took up to three man-days each month, there was also a high potential for human errors.


We proposed using robotic process automation (“RPA”) to enhance our client’s analytical process. We developed a workflow that read the data from the PDF investment reports, extracted the data, processed it into a structured format, and performed analyses such as calculation of the portfolio’s closing balance, realised profit and loss, and made comparison with market benchmark.

Furthermore, to allow for enhanced insights, the performance of the portfolio could be loaded onto an interactive dashboard for reporting purpose.


With this new automated system in place, it boosted the efficiency of financial and accounting operations (along with performance tracking and management reporting) by more than 90%. 

This means that our client will be able to allocate resources to higher-value tasks that drive better business decisions.



Our Data Science team, comprising a group of specialists with multi-disciplinary skills, helps our clients make better strategic and operational decisions by turning data into actionable insights.

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