In the latest issue of the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) e-newsletter ‘WAVES,’ Eileen Tan, Partner and Head of RSM's Technology Consulting division, shares her valuable insights on why maritime SMEs should strive for Industry 5.0. Eileen highlights the importance of adopting the right technology and IT practices to improve the work environment and achieve high-value outcomes for businesses.


Currently, the maritime sector operates at Industry 3.0, where technology has been introduced for basic tasks but not fully integrated into automated systems. However, transitioning to Industry 5.0 enables companies to prioritise their workforce by utilising technology to support the business while maintaining a human touch.


Digitalisation plays a vital role in improving the work environment by automating repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value work. Moreover, the adoption of smart technologies facilitates proactive monitoring, data analytics, and decision-making, reducing the burden on the crew and simplifying problem-solving, compliance, and reporting processes. Technology also streamlines document creation and client communication, resulting in enhanced efficiency and client satisfaction.


Industry 5.0 focuses on aspects such as quality of life, inclusion, sustainability, and customer engagement. Embracing smart technologies and digital documentation is crucial for sustainability and attracting young talent. By concentrating on fulfilling and profitable aspects of their work, staff can achieve a desirable work-life balance, aligning with the preferences of young professionals who seek engaging roles rather than repetitive and mundane jobs.


Collaboration and sharing services can be beneficial for maritime SMEs. By identifying common pain points and critical processes within the sector, these companies can find qualified technology partners to handle specific tasks instead of relying on non-qualified internal personnel. This approach enables efficient and effective operations.


Ultimately, businesses aiming for Industry 5.0 need to adopt IT best practices and governance to establish robust and future-proof systems. 


To delve further into Eileen Tan's insights and learn more about Industry 5.0 in the maritime sector, read the latest issue of the SSA Wave magazine: WAVES-Issue-76.pdf.


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