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Logistics & Transportation : Digital Transformation in a Post COVID-19 World

1 July 2022
Covid-19 has had a visible impact on many businesses across various industries over the past 2 years. With an increasing presence of e-commerce and lowered manpower due to the pandemic, the logistics and trnasportation side of the supply chain industry has been hit hard. How can digital transformation be used help this industry find the most cost-efficient means to achieve their business goals? Read to find out. 

Are you transaction ready?

16 June 2022
Here are some key questions to help maximise the value of your transactions and achieve your business objectives.

Understanding Green Audit & the Need for Sustainable Business Options

15 June 2022
On the 10th of June 2022, RSM and Greenbees jointly held “The Green Seminar” to provide holistic insights on building a sustainable business.

MAS Business Continuity Management Guidelines

14 June 2022
In June 2022, the Monetary Authority of Singapore issued a set of revised guidelines on business continuity management to emphasise the need for financial institutions to maintain their business continuity and resilience against disruptive events such as IT outages, pandemic outbreaks, cyber-attacks, and physical threats.

Cybersecurity Threats Faced by Educational Institutions

7 June 2022
The turn of the century saw the rise of digital technology, with organizations and businesses adopting new cloud and digital platforms that enable them to operate with greater efficiency and store large amounts of data with ease.

Financial Services and Markets Bill 2022 on Technology Risk Management

19 May 2022
With significant transformations in the financial sector in recent years, The FSM Bill 2022 aims to enhance MAS’ ability to effectively manage the risks and challenges that impact financial institutions (FI).

Designing a Digitalisation Project Plan for Charities

21 April 2022
Digitalisation is driving the Charity sector forward in a huge way. When done right, digitalisation can help Charities to streamline processes, improve service delivery to beneficiaries, increase social impact, and more.

How Budget 2022 promotes innovation and sustainability

8 March 2022
For the past two years, Singapore has invested much of its Budget into combating the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting businesses and households through the economic downturn. This year’s Budget 2022 entitled “Charting Our New Way Forward Together” was delivered by Singapore’s Finance Minister, Mr. Lawrence Wong, on 18 February 2022 amidst Singapore’s transition out of the pandemic and emergence into a new normal.

Is Your Organisation Resilient Against IT Risks?

31 January 2022
There is an increased number of IT incidents worldwide. It is, therefore, essential for organisations to review their IT processes critically, identify IT risks, and manage them appropriately to avoid negative impact on their businesses.

Future Proof by Going Green

20 December 2021
As we enter the endemic phase, there are new concerns and considerations the real estate and construction sectors should take note of.

The Board and Company Secretary in Climate Change, ESG, and Sustainability

15 December 2021
During the CSIS Listcos E-Forum 2021, RSM Senior Director Sovann Giang deep dived into the role of the board in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)/climate risk management and sustainability reporting, and areas company secretaries should keep a look out for in assuming an advisory role to the board. 

Sustain and Prosper in a Low-carbon Economy

14 December 2021
The concept of sustainability has recently experienced an evolutionary leap, driven by the increased awareness of and subsequent call for action for governments and corporations all over the world – a call to do their part to address climate change. Even during the peak of the pandemic, sustainability and climate change issues were seen as critical to deal with.

Innovation Strategy and the 5Cs for Recovery

14 December 2021
Business leaders with a clear vision are often more capable to drive change because they often align changes in their businesses with the purpose of why their businesses exist.

Data Protection Priorities for 2022

14 December 2021
Even when organisations have the strongest defence to protect their confidential data, there will always be areas or weaknesses that can be exploited if they are not careful. Here are some of the recent data breach cases:

Is Digitalisation an IT Agenda?

14 December 2021
Everyone is talking about digitalisation, but many small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) are still struggling to figure out what it really means and how to succeed in today’s digital era through digitalisation.