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Consolidation of private clinics in the healthcare industry

1 October 2019
Consolidation is observed in several industries ranging from financial institutions to retail, and has been gaining a similar momentum in the healthcare industry. While consolidation in the healthcare industry may not be a new phenomenon, we continue to observe standalone clinics merging and acquiring to form a bigger group.

Do charities need both audit and finance committees?

9 September 2019
Boards of all charities are required to have an Audit Committee and a Finance Committee under the 2017 Singapore Code of Governance for Charities & Institutions of a Public Character. However, charities differ in their views on whether both are necessary.

Is your business truly compliant with personal data protection regulations?

5 September 2019
Beauty retailer Sephora notified the Personal Data Protection Commission of a data breach that led to the exposure of some customers’ personal information to unauthorised third parties, according to media reports in July. Is your business truly compliant with personal data protection regulations?

How intelligent process automation enhances the finance function

21 August 2019
While Robotic Process Automation has been widely adopted by many businesses and delivered significant benefits, its evolved cousin, Intelligent Process Automation, has the potential to enhance business outcomes further.

Q2 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

8 August 2019
After a nearly record-breaking year in deal value, the mergers and acquisitions cycle in information technology has shown signs of slowing down.

Go regional — a quick guide to getting started

3 July 2019
Benefit from the ideas and insights of our regional experts

Four key applications of natural language processing for audit transformation

27 June 2019
While we have yet to achieve truly human-like artificial intelligence, we are already seeing important breakthroughs in natural language processing. How can the audit profession leverage these for its own transformation?

Integrated CRM-ERP solution improves productivity and decision-making

10 June 2019
A protection and indemnity insurance solution provider faced numerous internal control issues arising from its manual, inefficient process of drafting policy quotations and contracts on Word documents. Seeking a solution that would integrate management of policies, invoices and claims, the company turned to RSM’s IT services team for assistance.

The aftermath of Storm GDPR in Asia-Pacific

28 May 2019
Whilst the GDPR has been well communicated by the advisory profession in the Asia-Pacific region, there has been only a small number of organisations that one could consider to be GDPR-ready.

Benefits and considerations of cloud accounting

15 May 2019
Disruptive technologies have changed the game for various industries and accounting is no exception. As businesses take accounting to the cloud, a fresh approach is required for the age-old practice of bookkeeping.

Q1 2019 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

7 May 2019
How the mergers and acquisitions cycle has evolved during a remarkable decade for the information technology industry has been an intriguing case study in sustaining of highs.

Timely financial reporting for VWOs — a case study

12 April 2019
A voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) that provides residential care, eldercare and medical services faced a huge challenge in meeting financial reporting requirements.

GST considerations for digitised goods and services

20 March 2019
Global e-commerce has been growing, on average, 20% each year and revenue in the Singapore "digitised goods" (e.g. digital video, digital music, digital games) market amounted to SGD406.3 million in 2015.

Healthcare giant consolidates financial data with ease

20 March 2019
A leading healthcare service provider faced a huge challenge of consolidating voluminous financial data from all its clinics across Singapore every month. Working under pressure to meet financial reporting deadlines, its finance team spent many man-hours manually extracting data from every clinic’s database, tabulating it in Excel format and translating it into consolidated reports. As its existing service provider, RSM’s IT services team was approached by the client to find a solution that would overcome this time-consuming process.

Singapore school boosts administrative and payment collection efficiency

20 March 2019
An independent school in Singapore faced significant challenges in new student enrolment every year. The school administrator had to manually key in all newly enrolled students’ records from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) School Cockpit System into the students’ database. In addition, the school administrator had to manually update the records of students who were promoted to new classes every year. As the majority of students make payments via GIRO for their monthly school fees and miscellaneous fees, these transactions were also manually updated on the school’s merchant bank portal. Much time and effort were spent to ensure that the students’ records were updated in a timely manner before the start of every new academic period and to meet GIRO submission deadlines. Seeking a solution, the school approached RSM’s IT Services team for assistance.

How businesses can navigate uncertain environments to thrive during challenging times

11 March 2019
“What’s your strategy to internationalise and tap into Asean for growth?” With these words, Dennis Lee, Partner, RSM, got the panel discussion off to a rousing start. Titled “Rethinking Strategies in Uncertain Times”, this seminar held on 25 Feb 2019, was jointly presented by RSM and DBS.

2018 Annual Information Technology Industry Spotlight

26 February 2019
The remarkably robust mergers and acquisitions (M&A) cycle over the past decade owed a significant portion of its resilience to consolidation and disruption within technology, specifically software.

How Budget 2019 can help technology companies thrive

25 February 2019
Building on the themes laid out in the previous years’ Budgets, Finance Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget for 2019 on 18 February 2019. Technology continues to be a key theme in strengthening Singapore’s economic competitiveness, increasing Singapore businesses’ productivity and enhancing Singaporeans’ lives.

Phishing awareness: recognising, addressing and avoiding threats

29 January 2019
Phishing is one of the most common and most successful forms of cyberattack: e-mails designed to trick users into providing valuable information (such as login credentials) or running malicious code that compromises their workstation. Unlike other attacks, phishing does not rely on technical vulnerabilities or security misconfigurations to be effective.

Committee of Inquiry report highlights cybersecurity implications for businesses

17 January 2019
On 10 January 2019, the Committee of Inquiry (COI) released its report on the cyberattack on SingHealth last year that resulted in the theft of 1.5 million patients' personal particulars. Any of the five key findings of the COI report might be an issue for companies in any industry.

2019 Real Estate Investment Excellence

19 December 2018
Micromarkets, macro-opportunities Download Report 

Technology disruption and financial services companies

29 November 2018
Consider opportunity and risk when harnessing new technologies  

Q3 2018 Technology Industry Spotlight

12 November 2018
The most-recent volatility within public equities served as a good reminder that technology stocks, in particular, the famed FAANGs — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google — have alone been responsible for a significant portion of the remarkable gains in markets over the past few years.

Five ways data is changing the way businesses operate

18 October 2018
How business intelligence can help you get the most from your data

Key changes to Singapore Code of Corporate Governance & Related Listing Rules from 1 January 2019

21 September 2018
Six years after the last revision to the Code of Corporate Governance, the Monetary Authority of Singapore released another in August 2018, which aims to do ‘more with less’. ‘Less’ relates to the fact that the new Code is more succinct with 13 instead of 16 Principles.

Illegal to collect NRIC numbers and make copies of identity card from 1 September 2019

18 September 2018
Collecting NRIC numbers and making copies of the identity card will be illegal once revisions to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) take effect from 1 September 2019, according to the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

Eight drivers of an effective enterprise risk management system

17 September 2018
As a risk advisory firm, we are frequently asked by clients to assess the effectiveness of their enterprise risk management (ERM) systems. Without exceptions, such requests are always about benchmarking the adopted framework for risk identification, assessment, mitigation and reporting against the best international frameworks.

Liquidity risk management practices for fund management companies

14 September 2018
On 16 August 2018, MAS issued the Guideline No. SFA04-G08 “Guidelines on Liquidity Risk Management Practices for Fund Management Companies”.

Are you ready for your next move in Singapore’s real estate and construction market?

31 August 2018
The recent cooling measures for Singapore’s real estate and construction market not only affects buyers but developers as well. These measures have the potential to impact firm and project value in the long term if developers do not consider the ramifications in totality.

Timing disruption: The stepping stone strategy

27 August 2018
There are times when everything changes in business – when this happens it is often sudden, surprising and sometimes overwhelming. These moments are the strategic inflection points that can result in a company rocketing to success or being left behind.

Q2 2018 Technology Spotlight

15 August 2018

People strategies for success in a rapidly shifting global climate

13 August 2018
One issue stands out for every middle-market business that operates internationally: the struggle to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees — those who will drive growth and company performance.

Four ways for business leaders to enable their workforce

27 July 2018
While some cry foul and worry about the woes of a ‘useless class,’ as the historian Yuval Noah Harari puts it, others welcome widespread automation because they consider most current human labour mind-numbing.

Wake-up call after SingHealth cyber breach

23 July 2018
The recent major cyberattack on SingHealth’s database that resulted in the theft of some 1.5 million patients’ personal particulars is another wake-up call for organisations to be vigilant for cyber risks. The repercussions may be more serious than you think. SingHealth sent out the following two short messages to victims of the cyberattack:

Q1 2018 Technology Spotlight

14 June 2018
The technology landscape remains dynamic, characterised by interlocking series of technology innovation and adoption cycles.

Financial reporting guide to IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

12 June 2018
RSM UK's "Financial Reporting Guide to IFRS 15" offers insights on FRS 115, Singapore’s equivalent of the standard that is effective from 1 Jan 2018.

Compliance with China's latest transfer pricing documentation requirements

31 May 2018
Businesses in China should comply with its latest transfer pricing documentation requirements to avoid penalties for non-compliance. Overview Businesses in China should comply with its latest transfer pricing documentation requirements to avoid penalties for non-compliance. Compared with the previous regime, key changes include:

Blockchain: The technology too powerful to ignore

4 May 2018
Truly taking advantage of blockchain not only requires businesses to adapt existing business models, but to reimagine them from scratch.

An insider perspective on blockchain by Zilliqa

23 April 2018
RSM interviewed Zilliqa's CEO and Head of Business Development who shared their insights on the topic of blockchain.

A changing nation: the effects of globalisation on China

19 April 2018
China and globalisation are no strangers. It is essential for any business looking to break into China to combine a global strategy with a market-specific approach.

Higher education: You’re already a data breach target

18 April 2018
Data breaches have hit all kinds of industries, from retail to financial services. For higher education institutions, the threat continues to rise. Article by Daimon Geopfert (Principal), RSM US  

Succession planning is key to professional services organizations

18 April 2018
Organizations frequently indicate they should have a succession plan in place but don’t know where to begin. Learn more about how you can develop a plan in place that addresses departing leadership and key employees. Article by Christina Churchill (Principal), RSM US  

Key strategies for business leaders in the changing global economy

3 April 2018
Protectionism and populism are on the rise in the global economy. Has globalisation, which has helped to expand the world economy and raise millions out of poverty, had its day?

6 things to consider when beginning your construction projects

29 March 2018
To do well in the construction industry, planning is often as important as execution. Discover 6 important considerations for a comprehensive and detailed plan that covers various aspects of your construction project.

Powerhouses in private equity: Leveraging innovation, creating value

20 March 2018
Up close and personal with Arsenal Capital's Terry Mullen Arsenal Capital was launched 17 years ago by a 33-year-old and a 27-year-old. Today the firm is a mega-fund success, but its first three deals provided two difficult and painful experiences. In this newest video in our Powerhouses in private equity series, Arsenal’s Terry Mullen talks candidly with RSM's national private equity leader Don Lipari about both deal delights and regrets.  Additionally, Terry shares his sense of excitement about investing behind innovative companies in the specialty industrial and healthcare space.   DON'T MISS OUR OTHER POWERHOUSE VIDEOS Howard Newman, Pine Brook Tom Lister, Permira Jay Jordan, The Jordan Company Stewart Kohl, The Riverside Company  Rodeny Cohen, The Carlyle Group Geoffrey Rehnert, Audax Group

Giving globalisation meaning: re-emerging markets and the road to reglobalisation

19 March 2018
Any globalisation definition should include more than just the ever-expanding technological advances in transport and communications.

CRS registration for Singapore financial institutions

19 March 2018
As you should be aware, Singapore has committed to implement the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) and the first exchange of information between participating jurisdictions relating to the calendar year 2017 is to take place by September 2018.

How Budget 2018 will help businesses leverage technology and innovate

2 March 2018
On 19 February 2018, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, Minister of Finance, delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget for 2018. Building a vibrant and innovative economy was one of the four themes touched upon and we are providing a brief recap since this topic is close to the heart of all businesses.

Budget 2018 Highlights

1 March 2018
Budget 2018 not only addresses Singapore’s immediate needs and concerns but is also a strategic plan to address challenges we will face for the next decade. The key thrust is still in the areas of innovation, rescaling and upscaling.   Read more in our Budget 2018 Highlights.

4 deadly cybersecurity risks that threaten businesses

28 February 2018
The cybersecurity landscape has been continuously evolving. All businesses, regardless of their size, need to be prepared in advance or face the unpleasant surprise of a security breach.

Key changes to the Code of Corporate Governance and implications for real estate companies

15 February 2018
Learn more about how the changes to the Code will affect board matters, shareholder engagement, remuneration & nomination and accountability & audit as well as how these will impact listed real estate companies.

Business leaders share new strategies for quality and sustainable growth at RSM’s Welcome 2018 seminar

14 February 2018
Thought leaders from DBS bank, Knight Frank and IPOS joined successful entrepreneurs from Benjamin Barker, Design Studio, Vault Dragon and Tradably to share new strategies that business leaders are relying on for quality and sustainable growth at our Welcome 2018 seminar on 2 February.

Five ways that data analytics can help SMEs in Singapore

1 February 2018
Data, analytics, and insights. As social, mobile and cloud technologies become more prevalent, these words are thrown around a lot, but are these processes valuable only for big businesses or can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit as well?

Understanding cybersecurity and the operational risks of cryptocurrency

24 January 2018
While the price fluctuation for bitcoin, a type of cryptocrrency, garnered significant public interest in 2017, many fundamental questions remain on this subject. Questions such as: What are cryptocurrencies? Why are they so popular? And what are the key risks and challenges of investing in them right now?

Global value added tax for electronically supplied services

28 December 2017
Know your global obligations to collect and report accurately AUDIOCAST  |  September 29, 2017

Q3 2017 Information Technology Industry Spotlight

28 December 2017
The information technology (IT) industry is currently creating the most change, and as a result, is staying the most relevant for all types of investors and fueling robust mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity. Consolidation is becoming a key factor in the industry  INSIGHT ARTICLE

Cyber threats in the real estate sector may be too close for comfort

5 December 2017
Cyber threats have grown in scale and scope. Hackers today do not limit their targets to just financial institutions and retail businesses; even real estate, building and construction businesses are not spared.

Sustainability is key to Healthcare 2020’s success

28 November 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) unveiled the Healthcare 2020 Masterplan in March 2017 spelling out the strategic objectives of enhancing the accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare services in the country.

For unprotected contractors, hackers are just a click away

14 November 2017
As construction companies increasingly adopt digital technology, the threat of a cyber invasion grows. Learn more about how constractors can enhance protection from hackers. Article by Daimon Geopfert (Principal) and Denise Bendele (Partner), RSM US  

5 ways construction companies can improve cash flow

13 October 2017
The slowdown in Singapore’s construction industry is expected to persist in 2017 with many construction businesses expected to face challenges that continue to threaten long-term financial stability.

GST pain points for NPOs (Not-for-profits/Charities/Institutions of a Public Character)

3 October 2017
Since NPOs generally receive a combination of direct donations, grants, sponsorships and miscellaneous nominal income from their heavily funded activities, it can be difficult to track and many of them may not be aware that they need to register for GST.

'Uber of banking' sparks radical changes across industries

20 September 2017
Financial technology is forcing a change in many of Singapore’s traditional sectors from financial services to consumer retail and investment. Financial technology, or FinTech, is forcing a change in many of Singapore’s traditional sectors. From financial services to consumer retail and investment, digital disruption is transforming a broad range of businesses. Fundamentally, the principles of financial services — to save, exchange, invest, finance and insure against risk — will remain unchanged. What is certain to change is how users address their needs through such services.

Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (2017 Refinements)

15 August 2017
The Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs was refined in 2017. All charities are encouraged to take necessary actions to improve their governance.  

Four pillars to international business success

18 July 2017
What does it take for business units to operate effectively and succeed in new markets? What do failed business expansions have in common? In a volatile and diverse economy, how should top business executives redefine the relationship between the head office and business units to drive future growth?

Foreign investors to rethink business models in China

18 July 2017
Recent trends in China will drive foreign investors to rethink their business models, Tan Lee Lee, Director of Business Advisory at SBA Stone Forest, said at our China Briefing on 29 September 2017.

How hotels can benefit from outsourcing fixed asset management

10 July 2017
Why fixed asset management is important to hotels? 

Real estate companies should use good governance oversight to drive performance in current challenging economic conditions

23 June 2017
The deliberate departure from traditional business strategies and activities compels real estate companies to mature rapidly and corporatise. This allows them to have frameworks and processes that support their regional growth ambitions and investment portfolio expansion.

GST pain points for construction industry

7 June 2017
Active GST-registered construction businesses generate over S$100m of sales in a financial year. With numerous cases where non-operating transactions of such construction businesses are incorrectly classified, the substantial amount of lost revenue has triggered an increasing number of audits by IRAS.

UK construction sector - building the future

5 June 2017
After recovering well from the global economic crash, UK construction firms now face new uncertainties. Although the sector has so far shown resilience, economic jitters in the wake of the EU referendum could bring new headwinds that slow work pipelines.

Non-resident landlords in the UK may become subject to corporation tax

5 June 2017
Offshore companies who invest in UK property could be brought into the corporation tax regime as outlined in a recently published consultation paper. This would bring together the ways both UK and offshore companies are taxed on their rental income and certain gains.

A handy guide to doing business in China

28 April 2017
The guide offers insights to help foreign investors navigate the country's economic, legal and regulatory landscapes.

GST pain points in the logistics industry

25 April 2017
GST-registered logistics businesses (“GRLBs”) that have been managing GST risk on a broad level could face a mismatch in expectations and GST compliance level against that of the GST authorities.

A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China

20 March 2017
Despite China's status as an attractive investment destination, foreign investors often face significant challenges in navigating its highly dynamic economic, legal and regulatory landscapes. The guide offers insights on these key issues and more.

Construction business expansion beyond Singapore: what you need to know

17 March 2017
As the construction industry faces a downturn in the Singapore real estate market, contractors are turning their attention to overseas opportunities. Singapore contractors are looking to partner global companies in key locations to bring in more profits. When looking to expand your construction business, you must carefully consider the obstacles you may face.

How data analytics is helping shopping mall operators and tenants

8 March 2017
Retail analytics provides a way for both Singapore mall operators and retailers to track customers' shopping trends and behaviours. By collecting this information, retailers and mall operators can find out shoppers’ browsing patterns, total time spent at the mall and at certain shops as well as analyse traffic flow within the mall.

5 ways outsourcing back-office processes can accelerate growth for real estate developers

8 March 2017
As the number of projects increase for real estate developers, the volume of back office work needed to keep operations running often drains them of valuable time and attention.

5 ways construction businesses can uncover growth opportunities

27 February 2017
As the reality of an uncertain 2017 for Singapore sets in, the knee jerk reaction is for construction businesses to become more risk-averse. However, failure to take some degree of risk is unacceptable in any business. Here are 5 ways we think construction businesses can leverage for positive growth amid an uncertain economic environment.  

Sustainability reporting ultimately good for the business

30 December 2016
SGX’s elevation of sustainability reporting to a “comply or explain” basis is a commendable initiative by the regulator to step up disclosure, accountability and transparency across listed companies. Such efforts have certainly played a part in Singapore’s recent top ranking in Corporate Governance Watch 2016 by CLSA and Asian Corporate Governance Association.

What is the outlook for UK's real estate sector beyond 2016?

18 November 2016
It’s been a year of mixed hopes for the UK property industry. The EU referendum, significant tax changes and fluctuating overseas investment has impacted the UK sector. But with the UK now faring far better than expected, what will the year ahead hold for the real estate sector?

China Briefing 2016 highlights key regulatory updates and effective risk management approach

10 October 2016
Businesses that stay on top of China’s economic reforms and have an effective approach to risk management would be in a much better position to seize business opportunities in the world’s second largest economy. This was the main takeaway for attendees at our China Briefing 2016 seminar on 15 September 2016.

Businesses learn how to discover opportunities and succeed in China

19 September 2016
China Briefing 2016 gave participants an in-depth look at how to discover business opportunities in China as well as explored the factors required for success. The seminar also discussed how businesses can transform risk management from a paper exercise into an effective management tool through a well-defined risk management organisation structure.  

The relevance of the Chartered Valuer and Appraiser Programme to auditors

1 August 2016
The increasing prominence of fair value accounting has led to a rising demand for valuation professionals.

Commercial property sector in the UK takes a knock post-Brexit

26 July 2016
Article by Howard Freedman, RSM (United Kingdom).   Three reports out last week have highlighted the challenges facing the commercial property sector in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.  

Lean construction: delivering tangible benefits

26 July 2016
Article by Andy Monteith, RSM (United Kingdom).   Construction and infrastructure organisations in Singapore are continually looking to deliver improved customer service, realise more challenging efficiency targets and be more outcome focused.

Buying a service business: what to consider?

13 July 2016
This article explains the use of the Stone Forest Model for Growing Businesses as part of a comprehensive business assessment to identify potential M&A problems early.

Transport and logistics threats and opportunities following Brexit

8 July 2016
Transport and logistics could be one of the sectors hit hardest by the vote to leave the EU, from both a practical and economic point of view. The impact may be immediate for some businesses.

Reinventing internal audit

4 July 2016
A collaborative thought leadership project between Singapore Accountancy Commission, The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore and RSM.  

Input tax apportionment concerning construction companies

13 June 2016
While GST-registered construction companies largely make taxable supplies in the form of construction services, it is not uncommon to find secondary income streams recorded in their financial statements, such as:

DBS Bank and RSM Building & Construction Seminar highlights “silver lining” for industry

27 May 2016
Co-organised by DBS SME Banking and RSM in Singapore, and supported by Building & Construction Authority, IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore, our Building & Construction Seminar on 24 May 2016 attracted participants from the construction and other sectors.

Doing Business in ASEAN Guidebook

16 May 2016
The "Doing Business in ASEAN" Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations.

How should non-profit organisations (NPOs) take the right risks?

26 April 2016
In an increasingly vulnerable economic and social landscape, NPOs are now playing an even greater role in plugging social gaps, addressing social ills and meeting the needs of the under-served customer segments. Because of the trust that is placed on NPOs, their Boards are expected to govern effectively and maintain credibility.

GST considerations relating to early termination of lease

3 March 2016
With the uncertain economic environment and the oversupply in the Singapore property market, the availability of cheaper retail/office spaces as well as rising business closures have led to an increase in tenants or landlords requesting for an early termination of lease.

Bid management...or bid mismanagement?

26 February 2016
Article by RSM (United Kingdom).    This project is over budget, we aren’t going to deliver on time and the customer is not happy with us'. This is an all too familiar statement when our clients ask us to identify process and control breakdown within projects which are not going to plan.

Identifying and minimizing the risk of construction fraud

26 February 2016
Article by John Croy, RSM (United States).

Maritime firm enhances decision-making efficiency and information security

4 February 2016
A key player in Singapore’s highly regulated maritime industry needed a robust Event Log Management/Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for audit compliance.

Are investment funds shortchanged by the exemption from consolidation with more efforts and disclosures required by fair value accounting?

2 February 2016
29 January 2016   By Chee Wee Lock, Partner (Funds Practice) and Industry Leader (Professional & Business Services), RSM Singapore - taken from RSM Reporting - Issue 26  

Your guide to investing in UK real estate

20 January 2016
Article by Adrian Benosiglio, RSM (United Kingdom).   Overseas investors continue to look to the UK as an attractive location to invest. But what are the key tax implications? Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Significant impact for residential property owners in the United Kingdom

20 January 2016
Article by Adrian Benosiglio, RSM (United Kingdom).   The Summer Budget released in July 2015 has brought a number of measures, which will impact on the real estate sector in the United Kingdom.  Buy to let

Managing the costs of compliance in Singapore

14 January 2016
Singapore’s status as a premier financial hub places it at the crossroads of increasing capital flows between developed economies and re-emergent markets. While fund managers seek to ride this wave of opportunity, it is important to manage the costs of compliance and balance it with regulatory requirements and expectations of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to protect the reputation of our Little Red Dot as a preferred financial investment destination.

GST input tax claims for mixed real estate developments

30 December 2015
GST-registered real estate developers of a mixed development (e.g. commercial and residential) may face the risk of higher compliance cost because of incorrect GST treatments for such projects. As transactions in the real estate industry are usually of high value, the financial consequences may also be significant.

The Global Real Economy

25 October 2015
The Global Real Economy is a new bi-annual e-publication, which includes economic and other business insights reflecting the RSM network's global reach and its ability to provide world-class audit, tax and consulting services to leaders of entrepreneurial, growth-focused companies around the world.

Dealing with Business Risks Effectively

19 October 2015
Mr Tay Woon Teck, Partner from our Risk Advisory division, speaks to SPRING Singapore on managing business risks effectively to ensure long-term financial success.

Chio Lim Stone Forest celebrates 30th Anniversary with Charity Walk-a-Jog cum Carnival

16 October 2015
Over 1,000 participants, including clients, staff and families of all ages, turned up early in the morning on 29 August 2015 for the Chio Lim Stone Forest (CLSF) Charity Walk-a-Jog cum Carnival.

The mindset of internationally successful companies

23 September 2015
Risk management for going global requires a delicate balance of detail-oriented preparation and openness to uncertainty. The Mindset of Internationally Successful Companies Risk management for going global requires a delicate balance of detail-oriented preparation and openness to uncertainty.

MAS finalises risk-based capital adequacy requirements for licensed fund management companies

2 April 2015
On 2 April 2013, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued the Notice on Risk-based Capital Adequacy Requirements for Holders of Capital Markets Services Licences ("Notice") to expand the application of a risk-based capital ("RBC") framework for licensed Singapore fund management companies ("FMCs") with a new unified RBC regime.

Seven reasons why fund managers invest in Singapore

13 January 2015
Despite a turbulent 2014, fund managers and sector analysts have expressed confidence in the resilience of Singapore’s investment environment for the future. The recent growth spurt in Singapore has not been ‘pure luck’. Strategically surrounded by emerging ASEAN economies, Singapore boasts geographic and economic advantages that support a diverse and large fund management sector.

MAS implements enhanced regulatory regime for fund management companies

14 August 2012
The implementation of an Enhanced Regulatory Regime ("ERR") for fund management companies ("FMCs") was announced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") on 6 August 2012.