i.C.A.R.E. Winner 2021

i.C.A.R.E. is about increasing internal and  external client satisfaction through the creation of consistent and delightful service experiences across all touch points.  

2021 – A Year of Challenges

Year 2021 had been a year of challenges with COVID-19 variants evolving at an alarming speed. Especially in times of adversity, having high mental resilience is key to survival.

A person who has high mental resilience has the ability to handle stress and challenges effectively, and has a problem-solving and survivor mentality. He or she is also someone who makes people feel valued, appreciated, and understood.

The i.C.A.R.E. Award 2021 – Mental Resilience in Client Service

We honour our employees who render high quality services to our clients every year.

This year, the i.C.A.R.E. Award 2021 Champion recipient is Khor Tse Min of the audit division. Tse Min epitomises the spirit of resilience and delivers high-level service quality to both her internal and external clients.  

A well-deserved win, Tse Min’s journey to service excellence does not stop here. She continues to channel positive influence to her colleagues and clients, living up to the name of an i.C.A.R.E. Champion.