Leverage Analytics to Enhance Processes and Insights with Emerging Technologies

RSM Singapore conducted a workshop, from 19 to 20 November 2020, for members of CPA Australia on the use of analytics and technology for finance function. This hands-on workshop provided participants with a first-hand overview of the potential of analytics and technology in enhancing their business processes. Participants included chief financial officers, group accounting managers, and senior finance managers.

RSM Addressed Organisations’ Pain-points

During his keynote speech, Tay Thain Lin, Head of Information Technology, touched on the importance of digitalisation and technology for today’s businesses. He emphasised on the need for Certified Public Accountants (“CPA”s) to upskill to remain future-ready, and be able to add value to their roles as finance professionals.

Steven Shi, Emerging Technologies Lead, introduced Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) and how it can enhance finance processes. Drawing from his vast experience in developing robots for the firm, Steven shared how robotics can reduce human effort and time in performing standard but repetitive tasks. Participants were also taught to configure and deploy an RPA robot to extract currency exchange rates from the internet.

During the workshop on the use of business intelligence tools to gain interactive insights for businesses, participants learnt concepts and best practices of data visualisation through several hands-on exercises. They also had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the use of business intelligence tools to develop, deploy, and interpret the findings from visualisation dashboards. This segment was conducted by Ow Ghim Siong, Deputy Head of Data Science, and his team.

This workshop, co-organised with CPA Australia, sought to address specific pain-points of organisations, such as heavy reliance on human effort in performing standard, repetitive tasks and challenges in deriving insights from huge datasets.

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