Risk Management for Charities

The “Risk Management for Charities 2020” webinar, organised by Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore and hosted by RSM, was held on 22 September 2020. Giang Sovann, Senior Director & Deputy NPO Lead, and Dennis Lee, Partner of RSM were the trainers for this webinar.

More than 60 participants from various sectors such as family service centres, nursing homes, churches, arts sector, and sports associations, attended this webinar.

Through presentations and breakout sessions, participants learnt to identify key risks and the risk drivers, articulate risk statement, and assign appropriate risk owner. They also learnt to apply risk management concepts, risk management methodology, and perimeters to document risk mitigation; and completed the risk dashboard that included risk rating, prioritisation, and heatmap. In addition, participants were taught to draft summary assessment to be presented to their audit committee and the board.  

RSM has been conducting risk management workshops since 2016 to charities that are eligible for Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs)-Charities Capability Fund (“VCS”).