On 26 June 2023, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) published its highly anticipated disclosure standards, which cover general sustainability concerns (IFRS S1) and climate disclosures (IFRS S2).

In an article by Eco-Business, experts weigh in on the impact these standards will have on businesses in Asia and explore the potential opportunities and challenges it may present, especially for smaller companies and those in emerging markets.

Suggesting a way forward for companies to embrace sustainability reporting, RSM Singapore Partner Dennis Lee shares, “Despite existing government efforts to train up more sustainability professionals who are able to translate complex technical jargon from taxonomies and standards into something that business owners can more easily appreciate, there continues to be an undersupply of such people to go around…There may need to be a lighter version, versus the more full-blown version, in order to get people on board.”

Read the full article by Eco-Business here - 'Sustainability translated into an accounting language': ISSB chair on its inaugural standards