Doing Business in Japan (updated Aug 2021)

The "Doing Business in Japan" Guidebook provides general information about the social, economic, and legal environments in Japan. Gaining a basic understanding of these environments is essential for success in doing business in Japan.

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Building a Treasury Centre for Sustainable Growth (updated 2021)

As a corporate group grows and expands globally, business considerations become increasingly complex. The Group’s treasury function becomes one of the key areas that must be looked at to ensure efficient management of its funds.  Consideration must be given to consolidate the Group’s treasury function into a Regional Treasury Centre (RTC) - where it should be located and whether tax incentives are available for the RTC. The Building a Treasury Centre for Sustainable Growth is designed to provide businesses with an overview of RTC functions and a comparison of selected locations: Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Thailand, in relation to relevant economic, tax and legal factors.

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res publication Doin biz in sg

Doing Business in Singapore 2021

"Doing Business in Singapore 2021" is a handy guide published by RSM for foreign companies intending to set up operations in Singapore. The publication provides an overview of Singapore as a country for investment, types of business organisations, taxation, financial reporting standards, financial assistance schemes and pertinent points for employment in Singapore.

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RSM Budget 2021 Highlights cover


Budget 2021 Highlights

Budget 2021 is a delicate balance between meeting the present-day demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the on-going goal of equipping Singapore’s businesses and workers with deep and future-ready capabilities. The Budget encompasses both short and long term measures towards building a vibrant and sustainable Singapore.

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RSM Budget 2021 Highlights - cn


2021 年新加坡预算案




A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China

A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China (2020 Edition)

This edition of A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China offers new updates and insights, such as the “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”, that are relevant to investors.


Common questions answered include:

  • How does the BRI affect business decisions?
  • How do I decide on an appropriate business entity to set up operations in China?
  • What unique taxation and accounting issues should I be aware of to ensure compliance?
  • What are the unique administrative procedures in areas such as establishment, taxation, employment and liquidation?


A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China is an informative guide produced by SBA Stone Forest. 

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 res publication ASEANguide

Doing Business in ASEAN Guidebook

The "Doing Business in ASEAN" Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations.










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Risk Governance for the Third Sector Workbook

The introduction of this Risk Governance Workbook is timely. With the continued growth of the Third Sector, it is important for organisations in this sector to strive to be the best that they can be. The core of any organisation is its Board. It is imperative that organisations strengthen their Board capability because it provides the legitimacy of the organisation. A strong Board will lead the organisation to produce good outcomes and ultimately make a positive social impact.