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A Handy Guide to Doing Business in China

Despite China's status as an attractive investment destination, foreign investors often face significant challenges in navigating its highly dynamic economic, legal and regulatory landscapes. The guide offers insights on these key issues and more.




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Budget 2018 Highlights

Budget 2018 not only addresses Singapore’s immediate needs and concerns but is also a strategic plan to address challenges we will face for the next decade. The key thrust is still in the areas of innovation, rescaling and upscaling. Read more in our Budget 2018 Highlights.




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2018预算案不局限于当前财政年度,而是着眼于未来长达10年的可持续发展,旨在为解决我国面临的包括人口老龄化、不断增加的医疗卫生、基础设施及安全支出、社会公平及技术断层在内的长期挑战做好充分准备。想要了解今年推出的措施 ,请阅读我们的特刊。




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Doing Business in ASEAN Guidebook

The "Doing Business in ASEAN" Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations.










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Doing Business in Singapore

"Doing Business in Singapore" is a handy guide published by RSM for foreign companies intending to set up operations in Singapore. The publication provides an overview of Singapore as a country for investment, types of business organisations, taxation, financial reporting standards, financial assistance schemes and pertinent points for employment in Singapore.













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Risk Governance for the Third Sector Workbook

The introduction of this Risk Governance Workbook is timely. With the continued growth of the Third Sector, it is important for organisations in this sector to strive to be the best that they can be. The core of any organisation is its Board. It is imperative that organisations strengthen their Board capability because it provides the legitimacy of the organisation. A strong Board will lead the organisation to produce good outcomes and ultimately make a positive social impact.