Application for tax exemptions

Application for tax exemptions for shipping companies (under Section 13A  and 13F of the Income Tax Act)

Shipping companies can be exempted from tax for certain types of income-earning activities provided by the Singapore Income Tax Act (ITA). Section 13A applies to shipping companies operating Singapore-registered ships in international waters for income derived from specified list of activities. Section 13A also applies to companies operating foreign ships, specifically for income derived from freight uplift from Singapore, with certain exceptions. 

Additionally, Section 13F applies to international shipping companies approved under the “Maritime Sector Incentive – Approved International Shipping Enterprise award (MSI-AIS)” and operating ships plying in international waters. The tax exemption under Section 13F also only applies to income derived from specified list of activities.

Our tax professionals will help you in these areas:

  • Criteria for tax exemption on income under Section 13A/13F
  • Procedures to apply for the tax incentives
  • Financial and tax implications of your company

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