Buy or set up a warehouse

Warehouse is one of the most crucial assets of a logistics company. Companies need to assess the needs of their current and future operations, before they consider to buy or build a warehouse.

Each warehouse is different and presents its own set of challenges and limitations. Companies would also often set up warehouses in multiple regions to facilitate international transport. Regional countries such as China, Indonesia and Thailand are attractive locations to set up warehouses.

For logistics companies operating in more than one country, there are local factors that these companies must consider. These include the costs of construction of a warehouse at specific locations, valuation of existing warehouses, and alignment of the company’s current and future operations. Managers must weigh the costs versus benefits and take their specific business requirements into consideration when deciding to build or buy a warehouse.  

We can assist you in these critical areas:

  • Features of a warehouse that are critical to the company’s operations
  • Advice on financing a company’s buying/building project
  • Advice on the fair value of the warehouse a company is keen to acquire
  • Advice on the unique taxation and accounting issues to note of to ensure compliance
  • Advice on the unique administrative procedures in areas such as establishment, taxation, employment and liquidation

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