Litigation Support and Forensics

A multi-disciplinary holistic approach to litigation support and forensics

We provide a holistic approach to litigation support and forensics through our multi-disciplinarian team of specialists in audit, accounting, taxation, consulting, management, digital forensics, valuations, business advisory and investigations. 

We combine significant experience, diverse specialist skill with sound commercial expertise and an understanding of the intricacies involved in litigation to provide timely, clear and in-depth financial analysis for parties involved in potential or pending litigation or dispute resolution proceedings in the form of expert witness reports and testimony. 

We support clients and legal counsel throughout the litigation process, providing expert reports on complex financial concepts presented in a manner readily understood by the relevant parties and the courts and providing expert witness testimony.

Our expertise also covers comprehensive financial forensic investigations to uncover the facts behind fraudulent transactions, financial irregularities and internal control lapses, as well as presentations of our findings and recommendations to various stakeholders, including the Board of Directors and the stock exchange.

Our Services

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Defensive litigation services including loss mitigation assessment 
  • Digital forensics services 
Financial reporting, accounting disputes and irregularities  Forensics, investigation and special audits Commercial disputes and resolution services Family law

Accounting and financial statement irregularities or disagreements

Forensic accounting, including reconstruction of financial statements

Quantification of business losses and/or profits foregone

Valuation in connection with division of matrimonial assets

Whistleblower complaints on financial reporting

Financial/ fraud/ digital forensics investigation

Valuation of assets, shares, businesses & intellectual properties

Asset tracing and origination studies

Regulatory inquiries on financial reporting practices 

Special audits

Valuation in relation to shareholders' dispute and alleged minority interest oppression 

Quantification of asset division and asset division planning





Goh Swee Hong, Partner
Financial reporting, Accounting
disputes and Irregularities
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Ng Kian Kiat, Partner
Forensics, Investigation
& Special Audits
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Oon Su Sun, Partner
Forensics, Investigation
& Special Audits
T +65 6715 1130
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Hoi Wai Khin, Director
Forensics Technology Services
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Terence Ang, Partner
Family Law
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Wenxue Tan, Director
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Chee Yoh Chuang chee_yoh_chuang_230x230.jpg
Senior Partner
Head of Litigation Support & Forensics

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E: [email protected]

Tay Woon Teck tay_woon_teck_230x230.jpg
Defensive Litigation Services

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Doreen Quek
Commercial Disputes & Resolution Services 

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