Restructuring & forensics

In challenging times, key stakeholders require prompt and reliable information on the financial status of a company and the restructuring alternatives available. We have the experience to identify business crisis at an early stage and assess strategic alternatives to help you take advantage of existing opportunities.  

That process could involve providing guidance on insolvency, supporting you through crisis scenarios or offering timely advice on litigation or dispute proceedings. With a wealth of local and international expertise, our specialists develop robust concepts, work to preserve and maximise value for all stakeholders.

Our areas of expertise include:

Corporate restructuring and insolvency

Our experienced corporate restructuring consultants can help you find beneficial alternatives to winding up a company that is struggling financially. Business restructuring solutions can include corporate reorganisations and debt restructurings, while formal insolvency procedures as last resort or when a situation calls for it.

During such financially trying times, parties including creditors, lawyers, credit executives, financial institutions and businessmen may turn to us to undertake formal appointments or turnaround services. From bankruptcy to underperforming businesses, we identify strategic solutions, work closely with key stakeholders and execute the plans necessary to help businesses pivot towards a stronger future.

 We have the expertise to undertake the following appointments:

  • Liquidators / provisional liquidators
  • Judicial managers / interim judicial managers
  • Receivers / receivers and managers
  • Scheme managers / administrators
  • Receivers of income
  • Agents for mortgagee-in-possession 

Learn more about our corporate restructuring services and insolvency advisory capabilities.

Personal restructuring and insolvency  

Apart from organisation, we have a team of dedicated professionals who can assist individuals in restructuring their personal debt and provide solutions to creditors in cases where a debtor’s personal insolvency is imminent, resulting in bankruptcy.

We are able to act as private trustees in place of the official assignee in the event of a bankruptcy or nominees in voluntary agreement.

Crisis management and rehabilitation

Companies and individuals who find themselves in a financially distressed situation as a result of intense competition or occurrence of an unexpected disruptive situation can engage our crisis management and rehabilitation experts. Strategic solutions, with timely actions and advice from experienced professionals can begin a successful turnaround of the businesses that refocuses its strategy and continue to creating value for its stakeholders.  

Our crisis management services take the form of independent business review, business resuscitation, business turnaround, and monitoring services of financial positions of borrowers for banks and financial institutions. If you are facing financial difficulty, learn more about our crisis management and rehabilitation services.

Litigation support and forensics

Disputes are challenging domains fraught with complexities and potential pitfalls. It is therefore crucial for clients and/or their lawyers to turn to the right experts to help them navigate and overcome those challenges.

Armed with years of experience in various investigation, regulatory and dispute resolution matters, our team of experts help clients understand the depth of the issues they face and address their concerns by adopting an objective and structured approach to forensic investigations.

We support legal counsel on damages quantification in dispute resolution, quantify insured losses on behalf of insurers/policy holders, provide asset tracing/business valuations in matrimonial disputes and perform forensic accounting reviews in shareholder and family disputes.

By determining the facts surrounding business losses, suspected fraud, internal control lapses or regulatory breaches, we deliver clear perspectives to uncover the story behind the numbers and help clients navigate through the complexities.

Learn more about our litigation support and forensics expertise.


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