Overseas growth prospects may attract risks and other concerns beyond what one may be accustomed to. How can you safeguard the value and reputation of your business when operating overseas? Can you manage and respond to a wider spectrum of business risks? Are you able to guide and influence the way your people conduct business overseas? Are you keeping an eye on regulatory governance, by introducing best-in-class ethical and commercially accepted standards? How assured are you that transactions are conducted in a consistent manner to give predictable outcomes?

Our Risk Management and Advisory specialists can assist in performing:

  • Optimisation of corporate governance structure to improve governance effectiveness
  • Deployment of anti-bribery and anti-corruption programmes, including alignment of practices and training to your extended workforce
  • Enterprise-wide risk advisory to assess the broader risk environment to deal with more uncertainty and disruption
  • Internal control advisory, including review engagements, optimisation, streamlining and alignment initiatives

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