A Haven for Secure and Transparent Wealth Management

Political and economic stability are hallmarks of Singapore's reputation. Coupled with the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) rigorous oversight, this fosters an environment where high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) can entrust their wealth with confidence in its security and transparency.


Tailored Incentives Fuel Growth

Beyond regulations, Singapore offers a compelling suite of tax incentives specifically designed for wealth management activities. From tax breaks for family offices and capital gains tax exemptions to a a diverse range of investor structures like trusts and limited partnerships, Singapore empowers efficient wealth management and succession planning strategies.


Evolving Priorities: Balancing Returns with Impact

While Singapore excels in traditional wealth management, it recognizes the growing significance of environmental and social responsibility. This commitment manifests in ambitious goals such as achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and implementing the Singapore Green Plan by 2030. These initiatives highlight the importance of balancing financial returns with environmental and social considerations.


Championing Sustainable Finance

The Singaporean government actively champions green and sustainable finance initiatives through the Green Plan. Recognizing the finance sector's crucial role in driving sustainable development, these initiatives include promoting robust climate reporting, fostering sustainable financial practices, and integrating ESG factors into investment decision-making.


MAS Takes the Lead: Embedding Sustainability

Further solidifying its commitment to a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) launched Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management for Asset Managers in December 2020. Going forward, there will be a heightened emphasis on ESG investing frameworks and disclosures. This empowers asset managers to integrate environmental considerations not just into their investment strategies but also into their risk management processes, creating a more holistic approach.

How can we help?

We provide expert guidance on developing and implementing a robust sustainable investing framework tailored to your organisation's objectives and values. Our team provides strategic insights and best practices to ensure alignment with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

We conduct comprehensive materiality assessments and portfolio analysis to identify and evaluate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Through in-depth analysis, we help you understand the impact of ESG factors on your portfolio and develop risk mitigation strategies.

We assist in the development and implementation of sustainability investing policies and procedures aligned with your organisation's sustainability goals and values. We help define clear guidelines and criteria for sustainable investment decision-making, ensuring consistency and transparency across your investment processes.

We provide internal assurance services to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of your organisation's ESG processes. Through comprehensive reviews and assessments, we identify strengths and areas for improvement, helping you enhance the integrity and credibility of your ESG initiatives.

We conduct benchmarking exercises and gap assessments to compare your organisation's ESG performance against industry peers and best practices. By identifying gaps and benchmarking performance, we enable you to set meaningful targets, track progress, and drive continuous improvement in your sustainability efforts.

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