Tax Controversy Management

Businesses today are facing challenges with tax audits and disputes with tax authorities. These issues are unavoidable to individuals and companies and can be related to both direct (e.g. income taxes, transfer pricing) and indirect taxes (e.g. GST). However, tax adjustments and penalties do not only present a financial impact on a business, but also on the reputation of a business and its management.

As more businesses are adopting a pro-active approach to pre-empt and manage such risks, our team of experienced professionals is here to help you plan and organise tax risks, as well as resolve ongoing issues with tax authorities.

When you take a pro-active approach to manage tax risks, it is important that you have a tax risk framework in place. 

A typical tax controversy risk management framework comprises: 

rsm_planning.jpg rsm_management.jpg rsm_application.jpg rsm_resolution.jpg
Planning and Prevention  Management of Issues  Application of Tax Ruling  Resolution of Disputes 

Before looking at how the finance team and the management team deal with tax issues, it is important to first make sure that reliable and comprehensive information of all the key tax risks that have arisen or will arise in the foreseeable future is made available.

Our professional team members will then help you organise and simplify the information so that the management will be able to make informed, critical decisions on managing these issues.

In the event where the law is not clear, we are able to assist in writing to tax authorities to agree on a position prior to the transactions, so that business leaders will not be taken by surprise a few years after the transactions have taken place. With this, the management will be able to plan for and deal with tax audits with confidence.

In the event where there is an unforeseen dispute with the tax authorities, our professionals are well placed to assist with the following:

rsm_defencee-strategy.jpg rsm_audit.jpg rsm_appeals.jpg
Defence Strategy Formulation and Advice Audit Management

Appeals Against Assessments/


It can sometimes be difficult to deal with ongoing business issues whilst having to put aside time to deal with difficult tax audits or challenges. Our team can help to support your finance team to gather the necessary information and make sure that the information provided to the authorities is organised in a coherent manner in response to the questions raised. More importantly, our team is able to assist you in putting together appeals with the support of technical premises on the positions adopted. 



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