Why RSM?

To address the challenges, businesses must constantly fine-tune their supply chains, make their offerings more competitive and contain costs. Technology has also paved the way for businesses to achieve ruthless efficiency and open doors to new ways of engaging the consumer. With the playing field no longer restricted by boundaries, new markets are up for grabs.






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150 funds and capital 
markets licensed entities


 Our clients manage
assets from S$1 million to over S$1.5 billion


 We deal with funds
of different structures

Our extensive experience is the result of our exposure to a large portfolio of fund clients. We also service private equity funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) and real estate funds. The funds are in the form of unit trusts, limited partnerships and companies mainly situated in the Cayman Islands and Singapore.

   007-money - Copy.png   Specialised funds  
and capital markets since 2006.
   NPO-NPO.png   One-stop shop. 
Sizeable and dedicated specialist teams.
   005-people - Copy.png   Proactive communication with key leaders
to identify potential issues before they arise.
   006-meeting - Copy.png   Speed and responsiveness to queries and a hands-on
approach from senior members of the team to help solve problems.
  NPO youth   Services of the 
highest standards
  003-team - Copy.png   Extensive experience in local and international standards
as well as US GAAP 
  002-team-1 - Copy.png   Global presence in  
123 countries worldwide
  008-profits - Copy.png   High partner, director
and manager involvment. 

Whilst we are a multidisciplinary practice, our highly collaborative work environment means you can expect specialised yet holistic service delivery from us. We also offer you the convenience and attention of a single point of contact whose main aim is not only to coordinate the various services you require but also to be your trusted business adviser. Our internationally active clients can also depend on our RSM network affiliation with a presence in 123 countries and deep local expertise (with more than 51,000 professionals) to satisfactorily meet their regional and global expansionary needs.

key Contacts


Chow Khen Sengchow_khen_seng_230x230.jpg
& Industry Lead 

T: +65 6715 1388
E: [email protected]

Chua Hwee Thengchua_hwee_theng_230x230.jpg
Director & Deputy
Industry Lead 

T: +65 6594 7319
E: [email protected]