Our Mega Trends 'Bits & Bytes' are a series of short videos that delve further into some of the key trends that we covered in our Mega Trends Series, in particular Digital Transformation.
In these videos, we engaged with some of our senior leadership and their clients to get their thoughts and advice on what digital transformation means to them and how they have assisted clients with implementing this change in their business.

Bits & Bytes | A Conversation with Laurel Grey and Nicki Doble

Continuing the theme of digital transformation and how you can use this to futureproof your business, Laurel Grey, Senior Digital Analyst and resident Cloud expert at RSM Australia met with Nicki Doble, Group CIO of travel insurance company Cover-More, to discuss this in more detail and to get some insights into how Cover-More have adopted this within their external and internal processes.



Bits & Bytes | A Conversation with Jean-Marc Imbert and Kee Wong

Jean-Marc Imbert, Partner and National Head of Risk Advisory sat down with Kee Wong, Managing Director from E-Centric Innovations to discuss the importance of digital technology and innovation and how to futureproof your business with digital transformation.



Bits & Bytes | A Conversation with Andrew Sykes and James Palmer

The newest video in our Mega Trends 'Bits & Bytes' series features Andrew Sykes, Partner and National Technology Leader at RSM Australia and his conversation with James Palmer, Director of Palm Branch Group. With the Australian space industry seeing exceptionally fast growth in recent times, Andrew and James discuss the notion of digital transformation, the impact of this on businesses and the opportunities and flow on effects it may present for both the space industry and other sectors.

Bits and Bytes

The Mega Trends 'Bits and Bytes' videos are an extension of our previously released whitepapers and videos in our Mega Trends Series which focused on the five key trends impacting the financial services industry.

These 'Bits and Bytes' videos will be released throughout this year.

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