The newest video in our Mega Trends 'Bits & Bytes' series features Andrew Sykes, Partner and National Technology Leader at RSM Australia and his conversation with James Palmer, Director of Palm Branch Group. With the Australian space industry seeing exceptionally fast growth in recent times, Andrew and James discuss the notion of digital transformation, the impact of this on businesses and the opportunities and flow on effects it may present for both the space industry and other sectors.

Palm Branch Group is a Canberra based umbrella company for a number of technology-based businesses that operate within the defence, government, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) engineering and space industries.


Andrew Sykes

Director, Business Advisory

E: [email protected]

Andrew is a Director of the Business Advisory division in Canberra and the National Leader of Technology with over 20 years' experience advising businesses on taxation, growth and improvement strategies.

He manages consulting assignments and is responsible for providing clients with high-level financial advice and strategic initiatives across local and Commonwealth government departments and agencies, as well as small and large businesses in a range of sectors and major corporates. He also provides start-up and funding advice for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the technology sector. 


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