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Jenae Chessell
Jenae Chessell

Meet Jenae Chessell, the superhero manager working in the Tax Division at RSM while juggling the challenges of motherhood with grace and determination.

After ten years with the company, Jenae has become an expert in both tax laws and the art of multitasking, thanks to her three energetic boys: Noah, a four-year-old whirlwind, and 11-month-old twins, Asher and Finn.

"When the twins arrived, it was a huge adjustment for our family," Jenae shared. "We spent the first five months at home, and even with Noah at day-care, having all three by myself was exhausting." But with the support of her loving husband and RSM's family-friendly policies, Jenae has found a way to thrive both at home and at work.

Parental leave and benefits at RSM Australia

MOTHERS DAYJenae took parental leave for each birth, during which she was able to bond with her newborns, promote their development, and maintain her physical and mental health. 

RSM provides 18 weeks of paid parental leave as well as internal support such as the RSM Parental Leave Buddy Program. RSM has partnered with Parents At Work (PAW) which offers a concierge service, online resources, coaching and masterclasses. 

Jenae’s return-to-work plan with adjusted hours helped her balance her career aspirations with her role as a devoted mum. 

“At first, with Noah, I only came back three days a week while I completed my Master’s degree. Before long I was back at work four days a week, though – which is what I’m doing now.” After having twin boys in May, 2022, Jenae returned to work in February, 2023. Currently, she works two days in the Sydney office and two days at home. 

"RSM has been amazing throughout my journey, providing me with the flexibility and resources I needed to make it work," Jenae said. "I'm grateful for their support and proud of what I've achieved so far."

A supportive culture from Partners to colleagues

But the kindness doesn't stop with the partners. Jenae's team went above and beyond by putting together a care package for her after the twins were born, filled with little comforts like moo-goo bath wash for the babies and coffee for her. What really touched her heart was the spiderman toy they included for her older son, Noah, who was three at the time and obsessed with the superhero. The thoughtful gesture meant so much to Jenae and her family, showing the caring and compassionate nature of her colleagues. 

Furthermore, RSM's support goes beyond material gifts. Regular check-ins from her partner and team helped Jenae stay connected to her colleagues while she was at home with her family. As partners of Parents At Work (PAW), RSM provides a range of resources to support parents and carers in their careers, including "keep in touch days" which allow those on parental leave to have a strategic planning day and dinner with their team, keeping them connected to their colleagues while away. This supportive culture, from the Partners to colleagues, has been instrumental in helping Jenae balance her career aspirations with her role as a devoted mum. "RSM has been amazing throughout my journey," Jenae said. "I'm grateful for their support and proud of what I've achieved so far."

Becoming a working Mum at RSMMeet Jenae Chessell

Adjusting to life as a family of five was no small feat for Jenae and her husband, especially when they received the surprise news that they were expecting twins, settling the question of whether they wanted two or three kids. "Life is quite manageable with one baby and two parents," she said. "Now, we're outnumbered by babies, and it's a massive adjustment.” But with the support of her extended family and RSM's family-friendly policies, Jenae has found her footing. “The flexibility at RSM is so great,” she said. “Everyone is very understanding.” 

Jenae appreciates the ability to work from home two days a week, which helps ease the burden of her long commute from Wollongong to Sydney. And with the flexibility to adjust her work hours, she can juggle her responsibilities as a mother of three and as a dedicated employee. "RSM has been so accommodating," she said. "I've had to pick the kids up early from day-care quite a bit lately because of illnesses going around, but they've been understanding and supportive." 

Jenae believes that it takes a village to raise a child, and she's grateful for the support she's received from RSM and her extended family. With a schedule of who helps out with the kids on which days, her family steps in to provide regular assistance with meal prep, bath times, and more. "I'm so lucky to have such a supportive network," she said. "It makes all the difference in the world."

The family-friendly workplace at RSM 

Jenae's experience with RSM’s family-friendly culture has had a significant impact on her overall job satisfaction. She found the company's support for new parents exceptional, and the benefits she experienced were substantial. As a mentor through the Parents at Work(PAW) program, aimed at creating a family-inclusive environment, Jenae has been able to share her experiences and support other new parents in the workplace. RSM offices also have dedicated Empower committees who regularly organise family events, such as family Easter shows, family BBQ days, and strategic planning days and dinners, to create a supportive work environment for families. 

Jenae would 100% recommend RSM to new parents looking for a family-friendly workplace. She appreciates that RSM’s culture recognises the challenges of being a new parent and supports employees through it. 

Jenae's experience highlights the crucial role that employer support for parents during their parental leave plays in enabling them to balance their responsibilities as parents and employees. RSM's flexibility and understanding of the challenges faced by working parents have made it possible for Jenae to manage her work and family commitments. Additionally, the support from her extended family and thoughtful gestures from her colleagues have made a significant impact on her journey as a mother.