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RSM offers agribusiness experts across australia

RSM has a team of pharmacy advisers across Australia who understands your industry.

With over 15 years’ experience in the pharmacy industry, the team has been helping pharmacy owners with their business issues and working to create successful pharmacies. With directors and principals in each state who are focussed on pharmacy, we are able to bring this experience to you, no matter where you are.

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We have been helping agricultural businesses in Australia achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives for over 95 years.

Regardless of size or location, our team understands the ever-changing agribusiness landscape and have the specialist knowledge that is required to address the challenges faced by farming businesses. From family owned to large publicly traded farming businesses, we understand the social and economic issues faced by the agricultural sector and the long association with the sector is one that we are particularly proud of.


Peter Saccasan
National Director, Pharmacy Services

T: +61 2 8226 4500

How can we help you?


Because we understand pharmacy, we can quickly identify the issues and provide the right solution for you.

We believe there are real benefits to having access to pharmacy-focused advice and in fact list five of them in our pharmacy services brochure that you can download from this page.  Whether you are buying your first pharmacy or are a seasoned owner who is looking for ‘fresh eyes’ on the business, RSM can tailor their services for you. If you would like someone to call you to discuss your business needs, send us your details through the enquiry button on this page and we will make contact. 

Daniel Morrow presents on
"Smarter pharmacy management in tough times"


By having an accounting and business advisor who understands your industry, pharmacy owners can benefit by:

1.jpgGaining from our experience in dealing with a range of pharmacies – different models, locations, size.
2.jpgGaining from our understanding of the industry benchmarks and how your business can improve.
3.jpgHaving access to pharmacy solutions which we are able to develop because we deal with many owners and their businesses.
4.jpgKnowing that we will understand the issues you are facing and suggest the right strategy for you.
5.jpgKnowing that we can tackle the issues appropriately and, if necessary, bring in other industry specialists to address the particular area of concern you may have.

RSM offers Safe Harbour strategies

The ‘P’ in Pharmacy – It’s about Professionalism, not Price

9 September 2019
The ‘P’ in Pharmacy – It’s about Professionalism, not Price

Budgeting and forecasting for your pharmacy business

30 July 2019
Having cash in your pharmacy business gives you the ability or confidence to make important decisions and provides you with a sense of security when you go to sleep at night.

4 Tax Tips for Pharmacy Business Owners.

2 July 2019
As the income tax year draws to a close yet again, many pharmacy

Case study: UFS Dispensaries

18 June 2018
“We have an excellent working relationship with RSM, in particular with the audit team. It is an open and frank relationship and it is definitely a high trust relationship.

Don't follow 'the pack'

11 August 2016
Have you ever heard of the mysterious 'they'? If you are a parent of teenaged children 'they' are close family friends. You know how it goes, 'they' always get the most privileges, have the best parents ever, go to the movies every weekend and of course, 'they' have an unlimited phone plan. Yep, 'they' are living proof that I, as a parent, know nothing. 

Health innovation must continue for pharmacy

20 June 2016
The April price cuts continue the downward spiral on medicine prices and the gross profit return to pharmacy. Since PBS reforms began, the known goal is that dispensary contribution can only be arrested by volume. As the GP$ per prescription falls, pharmacy owners need more scripts to provide the same GP$ which are used to pay the overhead and provide a pr

What price are you really paying for that pharmacy?

19 May 2016
Last month I wrote about the art of negotiation in a pharmacy purchase. If you get the timing right with asking the right questions you can generally argue the price down in a sensible way. This month I want to look at the impact of paying above valuation for a pharmacy and what that means for your investment. Current pharmacy market

Are you in good shape? How about your business?

2 May 2016
At a tender age of 50+ (now that I have been here for a few years, ‘50’ is the new ‘40’ okay!), I have recently bounded off for the ‘executive health check’.  After 2 ½ hours of testing, sampling, hitting the tread mill etc., I (and my wife) am pleased to report that all is well. All the vital signs are in good shape and no alarm bells are ringing. 

Timing really is everything

7 April 2016
Back in January this year I wrote about the keen price being paid for pharmacy businesses. A few months down the track and I have to say that the market continues to be strong. In that last article I stressed the importance of getting the debt and equity mix right and ensuring that cashflow was sufficient to enable all commitments to be met.

Exclusive interview with Retail Pharmacy magazine

30 March 2016
National Director of pharmacy services at RSM and long-time pharmacy business adviser, Peter Saccasan, speaks to Retail Pharmacy about cashflow, telling owners the real story about their pharmacy business performance.