Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016

The inaugural edition of the RSM Aged Care Sustainability Review has highlighted a number of issues and trends that directly relate to the viability and sustainability of the residential aged care sector. Key findings from our research include:

1. Forecasts as to the population who may access residential aged care services in the future vary considerably.

2. Official estimates of demand are more likely to be understated than over stated. If the current utilisation rates are maintained then the base rate of demand may be up to 13% (35,000 places) above official forecasts.

3. Recent domestic trends and overseas experience suggest that the basis on which future demand has been forecast may need to be revised.

4. We see little evidence that sufficient supply can be created to meet the most optimistic forecasts of demand during the next decade 

5. The available statistics suggest that even if supply could be created to meet demand that there is insufficient appetite for this within the sector.

6. There is an emerging trend towards shorter stays (1-3 mths) and this may be contributing to higher vacancy factors 

7. Increased interest in applying for new places is yet to translate into more operational places 

8. Despite improvement in operating performance in 2014 the industry is no more profitable than it was in 2012.

9. The profitability of the industry is declining 

10. Return on assets and equity continue to decline 

11. Indications are that the industry will become increasing reliant on short term finance in the form of resident loans which increases the risk profile of the industry 

12. Recent interest in the industry is more focused on investment returns than creating additional capacity

Full report: Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016

We wish to acknowledge the support of Macquarie Telecom and St.George bank, our partners who have made this publication possible.


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