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Adopting mobile and cloud technology in your Trade Business

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In the ever-evolving world of mobile and cloud technology, it's easy to get left behind on the latest developments that can help trade business owners mobilise their workforce and take away a hefty portion of their admin burden.

Our Digital team can provide resources on software and apps that will manage your accounting and tax requirements, as well as improve your employee and customer administration.

Wadopting Mobile and cloud technology in your Trades Businesse’ve compiled a spotlight of some of the latest offerings to adopt mobile and cloud technology in your Trade Businesses.

Xero Projectsxero-logo - Copy.jpg

Businesses already using Xero for their accounts now have access to the Xero Projects add-on. This software is iIdeal for sole traders or small businesses with less than 5 employees and focuses on the financial side of project management. XERO Projects provides users with time tracking and job costing that feeds directly into the Xero payroll and the invoicing functions, allowing businesses easily track their expenses on a project-to-project basis against budgets and gain insight into the impacts on their cashflow and profitability. Xero is very invested in this add-on and will continue to improve its capabilities, with Trello collaboration on the horizon to improve job management.


More sophisticated job management software such as ServiceM8 can assist in managing day-to-day operations from your iPhone/iPad app or web-browser dashboard.

It provides an end-to-end solution best suited for businesses with 3-10 employees that facilitates:

  • online bookings from customers
  • job quoting
  • SMS job reminders to staff and customers
  • staff scheduling
  • maps-based tracking of field staff to on-site appointments
  • time tracking & job detailing
  • customer sign offs on completed jobs
  • on-the-spot invoicing to send to customers immediately after job is complete
  • e-Payments through Stripe™ to allow customers to pay direct from their online invoice
  • seamless integration with your cloud accounting software

This technology helps to easily view staff availability to complete upcoming jobs, and can assist in maintaining accurate and instant records, as well as speed up the collection of cash from customers.


The dreaded shoebox of receipts can finally be retired with the development of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Through the ReceiptBank app, users can take photos of their paper receipts and email PDF bills straight to an inbox that reads date, supplier and transaction amount details, including GST, to send straight through to your cloud accounting system. The software also stores a copy of source documents to ensure compliance is met with ATO requirements to maintain tax records.

More recently, ReceiptBank has introduced their new Fetch feature, which allows users to pull invoices straight from their online accounts with major providers such as Telstra and Synergy. Once online credentials as provided to ReceiptBank as a connected supplier, Fetch will automatically record invoices as they are issued from the provider.

  • Are you in the Trade sector and looking to adopt mobile and cloud technology to update your accounting, payroll and job management? 

RSM can assist by reviewing your business needs and helping you assess your digital options. For more information, please contact your local RSM Digital adviser. 

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