Andrew Clifford
Partner - Melbourne

Andrew Clifford is a Director of the Corporate Finance division in Melbourne.

Andrew joined the Corporate Finance Division of RSM from the UK, over ten years ago. With over twenty years’ experience within professional practice, Andrew has a detailed knowledge and experience of financial modelling and corporate consultancy.

Since joining RSM, Andrew has been pivotal in establishing RSM’s financial modelling framework and dedicated financial modelling team. Andrew's broad experience means that he has a good understanding of the needs and issues of commercial entities. 

Andrew Clifford is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.


Andrew’s experience gives him a strong understanding of the needs and issues of public and private sector entities including:


  •    Development of a 10 year long term integrated financial model for Australian Local Government Councils. The models are currently being used by Greater Shepparton City Council and Latrobe City Council
  •    Financial due diligence and financial modelling for a diverse range of overseas, private and ASX listed entities
  •    Completion of numerous Independent Expert’s Reports for public company transactions and compulsory acquisition
  •    The valuation of a small to medium sized companies across a wide variety of industries including:
  •    Construction
  •    HVAC manufacturing
  •    Distribution
  •    Retail
  •    Industrial manufacturing
  •    Transport and logistics
  •    Infrastructure
  •    Agribusiness


  •    Member,  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  •    Affiliate, Chartered Accountants, Australian and New Zealand