Business Divestments

We understand the pressure that you are under during the sale of a business or division.

Through our tailored approach to project management, and experience of business divestments, we have developed an approach that drives the sale process through to completion, whilst enabling key stakeholders to focus on what they do best, running their business.


The process of selling a business can be split into two distinct stages: 

1. preparing the business for sale

2. the sale process

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Grooming is a key part of the disposal process.  

The presentation of the business at the time of sale is critical to maximising its value.  To achieve the best possible price, all vendors should ensure that potential purchasers can easily recognise the value of what they are about to buy.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the business are considered prior to offering the business for sale.  

Whilst the scope of our grooming work is tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients, aspects reviewed during the grooming process include:

  • review of legal structure
  • critical appraisal of business performance and non essential expenditure
  • review of financial position, funding arrangements and non business critical assets
  • analysis of non-essential assets
  • review of material and/or onerous contracts
  • review of financial systems and management reporting
  • analysis of key employees and review of employment contracts

Ideally the grooming process should commence 12 months prior the proposed date of sale.

The role we play during the sale process is driven by your individual requirements. 

This may vary from the preparation of an information memorandum, or the tax efficient structuring of the sale, to the full project management of the sale process, including negotiation with potential purchasers, management of the due diligence process and ensuring that all legal documentation reflects the financial and commercial terms agreed upon between the parties involved in the transaction.

Our goal in managing a transaction is to create competitive tension between alternative buyers to ensure that the maximum sale price is achieved for the vendor whilst at the same time ensuring that all parties involved in the transaction are working towards the same goal of achieving a successful and timely sale.

Our exit planning Assessment is a free tool for business owners.       
It consists of 20 questions, requires no confidential information and produces a high quality report for you to action.