Our People


Nadine is a Director of the Corporate Finance division in Perth.

She leads our Valuations and Litigation Support services team, undertaking more than 80 valuations in the WA market each year.

Nadine provides expert reports for a wide range of purposes including Independent Expert Reports for listed company transactions and Expert Witness Valuation Reports for litigation proceedings in the Supreme Court and Family Court.

She regularly presents on business valuation topics, is an accredited Business Valuation Specialist with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and the Western Australian representative on the national CAANZ Business Valuations Special Interest Group.

Nadine undertakes company, business and intangible asset valuations, financial investigations and forensic accounting services for clients across a diverse range of industries including healthcare, agri/food, mining services, tech and professional services. She draws on her experience working across Audit, Insolvency and Corporate Finance to achieve the best outcomes for her clients.

Nadine Marke is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.


Nadine's experience in corporate advisory services includes:

  • Independent Expert Reports for ASX/ASIC requirements
  • Expert Witness valuations for litigation proceedings, including Family Law matters
  • Company valuations for lending/refinancing, succession planning, restructures and transactions (including taxation)
  • Valuations of share options and other derivatives
  • Economic loss quantification for commercial disputes
  • Preparation of forensic accountant reports for litigation matters
  • Development and review of financial models


  • Member, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • WA Representative, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) Business Valuations Special Interest Group


  • Bachelor of Honours in Accounting
  • Business Valuation Specialist, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)

Family Law Insider | February 2022

8 March 2022
We have some fantastic contributions this edition to kick off the new year. Nadine Marke and Steph McAuliffe discuss the pitfalls of garbage information in business valuations, garbage in = garbage out. Shannon O’Connor addresses some important points about the payment and receipt of child support in bankruptcy, a must read for those dealing with bankrupt clients in a family law matter.

The pitfalls of relying on Management Accounts in Business Valuations

15 February 2022
Garbage In = Garbage Out A valuation is the estimate of the price at which an asset would or should change hands between two well-informed parties. The quality of the valuation output is a product of the quality of the financial information provided, or in other words, garbage in equals garbage out. A key component of a valuation is relian...

The WA Government has opened its new EIS round with increased funds

7 February 2022
The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) is reminding mineral exploration companies to submit applications for Round 25 of the Co-Funded Exploration Drilling Program which opened yesterday.   Successful applicants of the State Government initiative can receive a refund of up to 50 percent for innovative drilling projects...

How to Value your Allied Health Practice

14 December 2021
Prior to instructing a valuation for allied health practices, the 4 W’s need to be addressed: What is being valued? Is it the business or the equity? Is it the whole entity or a specific interest? Why is the valuation being undertaken? Who is the valuation for? When is the valuation date? In this article, it’s assumed that only...

2021 Control Premium Study: What it means for the metals and mining sector

19 November 2021
RSM Australia (RSM) has published its latest control premium study, undertaken in partnership with Curtin University, with the metals and mining sector showing a significant peak in the last 18 months against long-term averages. The RSM 2021 Control Premium Study analyses successful takeovers and schemes of arrangement from 1 July 2005...

Control Premium Study 2021

8 September 2021
RSM’s 2021 Control Premium Study - a study of 605 successful transactions and schemes of arrangement in Australia and 131 in New Zealand, completed between 1 July 2005 and 31 December 2020. In 2010 we released our inaugural study in which we analysed the implied control premiums observed in successful takeovers and schemes of arrangement compl...

thinkBIG - Succession Planning

1 August 2021
For most privately owned and family firms, succession means planning for the sale of your business or handing over control to other family members when you retire. In this report, we not only look at the details for a successful succession plan, but we also take a look at timelines for the best execution of a succession plan. ...

Tax Insights | April 2021 edition

28 April 2021
The latest tax updates for you and your business | April edition Keep up to date with the latest Australian and International tax news from our market-leading experts.

Changes to Independent Expert Reports for Performance Shares

29 March 2021
On 28 August 2020, the Australian Securities Commission (ASX) released a revised Guidance Note 19 Performance Securities (GN19).  The revision included a requirement, in certain circumstances, for an independent expert to provide an opinion on whether the issue of the performance shares is fair and reasonable to non-participating security ...

Indicators of business value for family law matters

17 March 2021
When a set of financial statements comes across your desk, what are the key items you should look out for to determine whether a valuation should be sought to assist in the property settlement? Below we set out five key items you should look out for which indicate that a valuation may be required. The income earned is from a trading busine...

Preparing a business for valuation

16 March 2021
A valuation determines the estimated amount for which an asset should exchange on the Valuation Date between a willing buyer and a willing seller, in an arms’ length transaction after proper marketing, wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion. In assessing the value of a business for Family Law purpos...

How to make building financial model spreadsheets less risky

15 January 2021
You’ve spent weeks and weeks building the financial model, getting the data inputs and bringing it all together. You sit back and look at what the numbers are telling you, but something doesn’t seem quite right. Getting to this stage with a financial model spreadsheet, and then having to go back and re-work it, can be incredibly frustrating....

Can you undertake valuations in uncertain times?

10 November 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for businesses and volatility in the global economy. The travel bans, lockdowns, social distancing restrictions, supply disruptions, and consumer caution amongst other factors have resulted in significant challenges for many businesses. The Australian Federal and State Governments have introduced a n...

The impact of COVID-19 on the work of independent experts

14 May 2020
The significant volatility in local and global equity markets over the last few months clearly demonstrates the impact that COVID-19 is having on Australian companies. Uncertainties regarding the economic outlook, consumer and business confidence, customer demand and supply chain management have all resulted in lower and more volatile asset valu...

COVID-19 and the impact on EOFY tax and family law

8 May 2020
This week Tracey Dunn, our Associate Director of Tax Services, ran a webinar titled Family Law: Tax and the ongoing impact of COVID-19. The webinar was designed to assist family lawyers understand how the recent COVID-19 crisis and associated stimulus measures may impact on family law property settlements. While there have been some reports o...

Family Law Property Settlements – potential impact of COVID-19

30 March 2020
Valuations for Family Law property settlements. Valuations are prepared as at a specific date based on circumstances and financial information known at that point, so it’s possible that valuations prepared a month ago or more may no longer be relevant - particularly for sectors which have been impacted more severely than others by COVID-19 (...

Dealing with the “non-financial” spouse in Family Law matters

31 July 2017
With one in three Australian marriages ending in divorce and the median age of divorce being 45 for men and 43 for women¹, divorce is typically occurring during the prime wealth accumulation period of people’s lives. It is in this period that businesses are established, investments are made and complex financial structures are formed. It i...

Grappling with the growing complexity in Family Law valuations

22 November 2016
An increase in the number of divorcing couples with 20-plus years of marriage, most of whom have acquired significant wealth through various structures, means property settlements could become progressively more difficult to resolve, cautions Nadine Marke Principal Corporate Finance RSM Australia Pty Ltd. Adding to the complexity of finalising f...

Why investors need to know what a "control premium" is during market stress

As seen on: RSM Australia has conducted its fourth control premium study, covering the period between 2005 and 2020. Nadine Marke, Partner at RSM, clarifies what a control premium is, and how it moves with economic cycles, and more crucially, especially during periods of market stress. RSM Australia has conducted its fourth control p...

Fourth control premium study by RSM Australia reveals control premiums have risen sharply

RSM Australia (RSM), one of Australia’s largest mid-tier accounting firms, has revealed the findings of its latest control premium study, undertaken in partnership with Curtin University. RSM Australia explores factors that can have an impact on the premium paid to acquire control.  The study revealed that, during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Soaring control premiums exacerbated by COVID-19

As seen on: By Michael Karpathios Average control premiums have almost doubled throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, rising from 32 per cent in 2019 to 61 per cent in 2020, a new study has shown. A control premium consists of the amount a buyer is willing to pay above the current traded share price to gain a controlling interest in a publicly ...