Our People


Rami is a Director and National Head of Tax.

Rami has over 28 years' experience in providing taxation advice and specialist tax consulting services. His experience includes providing income tax and fringe benefits tax advice to various businesses in diverse industries, from non profit organisations to multinationals.

Rami joined RSM in 1994. Prior to joining RSM, Rami was a senior manager with an international accounting firm and specialised in providing income tax and fringe benefits tax advice to large public companies and companies in the mining industry.

Rami Brass is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

Solutions Rami provides

Rami is responsible for all the taxation compliance and advisory services for RSM’s major clients. He has experience in preparing taxation returns for statutory bodies and providing taxation consultancy services to large organisations in the private and public sectors.

He also specialises in taxation advice to regional offices throughout Australia.

Rami is a regular speaker, a frequent media commentator on taxation issues and has presented numerous papers to industry and professional associations and is still very involved with various professional and industry associations.

Rami’s major clients are companies involved in the manufacturing engineering, contracting and construction industry. In relation to these companies, Rami has been involved in providing advice on a range of issues including:

  • tax consolidation
  • demergers
  • establishing branches and subsidiaries outside Australia
  • taxation and GST audits
  • restructure of company groups prior to listing
  • advising on major disposal of assets

Professional associations

  • Fellow, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Fellow, The Tax Institute, Australia
  • Councillor, Taxpayers Australia (WA Divisional Council)


  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of Western Australia)
  • Registered tax agent

Updated ATO Guidance on Division 7A

17 August 2022
TD 2022/11 was published on 13 July 2022 and provides details on the ATO’s approach on how Division 7A may be applicable when a corporate beneficiary is entitled to trust income from 1 July 2022.    

LinkedIn advertising changes for contractors

14 September 2020
Recent decisions reached by the Full Federal Court in FCT v Fortunatow [2020] FCAFC 139 have put a spotlight on the ‘unrelated clients test’ for contractors providing personal services. A key take-away from the case is that promoting services to the public via LinkedIn may not comply with the rules outlined in the ‘unrelated clients test...

Changes to JobKeeper – what do employers need to do now?

14 August 2020
With all the changes the Australian government announced around the JobKeeper extension (JobKeeper 2.0 and 2.1), there has been some confusion around the Government changing the employee eligibility date from 1 March 2020 to 1 July 2020.  While this change has yet to be legislated, the Government has flagged that this change (once legislate...

COVID-19 – Proactive steps to protect your business

23 March 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a once in a 100-year event with a sudden and significant impact, prompting a financial crisis in markets and businesses across the world. The global nature of the crisis means that supply chains are disrupted, while revenue in many industries has collapsed.  Australian businesses across every sector of the economy ...

Screws tightened on the taxation of Testamentary Trusts

6 November 2019
Testamentary Trusts (trusts created under the effect of a will) have provided both control and tax advantages for many years. Effective Testamentary Trusts will see the assets (estate) of a deceased person held and invested for the benefit of trust beneficiaries, such as the deceased’s children or family members. Sounds straightforward, exc...

Instant asset write-off to ‘skip the line’ of legislation in the Senate

18 March 2019
Doubt has been raised as to whether the recently announced increase to the Small Business Instant Asset Write-off threshold from $20,000 to $25,000 and effective 29 January 2019 to 30 June 2020 will be passed before the Federal election.   At the time the measure was announced, Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated the Government would se...

The devil in the detail – have you ‘used’ that mining, quarrying or prospecting right?

4 March 2019
While Australia’s tax system rightly supports resource exploration by allowing deductions for depreciating assets first used in exploration, concerns that the deduction was being misused prompted an integrity approach to support genuine exploration. To further support these measures, the Australian Taxation Office has recently released Taxatio...

ATO denies deduction: The case for critical comparisons when establishing precedent

13 September 2018
When landmark ATO cases come to mind there is no doubt that the decision handed down by the High Court in FCT v Myer Emporium Ltd (1987) 18 ATR 693 (Myer) would make the top ten. The decision prompted a revolution in the perception of when gains were to be treated as ordinary income, becoming renowned as ‘the Myer principle’. However, on 20 ...

Foreign incorporated companies and changes to the tax ruling - What you need to know.

20 August 2018
Most will remember the 2016 High Court ruling in the case of Bywater Investments Limited. It served to disrupt a collective understanding of established principles with regard to the residency of a company for tax purposes. Despite the multiple intricacies that influenced the ruling, many were left questioning the issue of residency. A good t...

Reduced corporate tax rates - what rate of tax will my company pay?

27 July 2018
While the legislation is transitioning, some have been left confused about the application of reduced corporate tax rates and the details of eligibility criteria during this state of limbo. To provide some clarity, we take a closer look. The intent of the highly anticipated draft Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG) 2018/D5 was to replace and ex...

Fringe Benefits Tax – ATO finalise their position on private use of vehicles.

18 July 2018
New guidelines for private use exemptions of eligible motor vehicles for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) - ATO says yes to making a quick stop to grab a coffee (as long as it doesn’t add more than 2kms to your trip to work and is infrequent) but no to heading to cricket practice after work.  On 11 July 2018, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)...

Fringe Benefits Tax  – ATO Focus Areas

24 April 2018
With Fringe Benefits Tax (“FBT”) returns due for lodgement in May, the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) has highlighted common FBT errors that may attract further scrutiny. Some of the focus areas highlighted by the ATO include car parking fringe benefits, living-away-from-home allowances (“LAFHA”) and the claiming of exemption...

Tax Deductibility Inquiry

2 March 2018
Last week the government tabled its response to the recent inquiry of the House of Representative's Standing Committee on Economics regarding tax-deductible expenses. The inquiry highlighted Work-Related Expenses (WRE’s) as being a specific area of ‘abuse’ and proposed a number of recommendations into this, particularly with regard to comp...

Fringe Benefits Tax – When is private vehicle use exempt?

19 December 2017
ATO releases draft guidelines to assist employers determining Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions for employee’s private use of vehicles.  The draft Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG) considers FBT exemptions often used by employers in respect of utilities, vans and eligible dual cabs. Whilst PCG 2017/D14 is in draft form and is...

New GST Legislation released - Developers and Home Builders beware

10 November 2017
On 6 November 2017, Treasury published an Exposure Draft of legislation that will require purchasers of new residential premises and lots in new residential subdivisions to pay an amount equal 1/11th of the purchase price directly to the ATO at or before settlement. The legislation was announced in the 2017-18 Budget and views on the draft are ...

Will passive income affect your entitlement to be taxed at 27.5%?

10 November 2017
The Parliament recently introduced legislation that seeks to tax corporate entities at the full 30% tax rate where more than 80% of the company’s income for the year is base rate passive income.   A recap of the current law In May 2017, the Parliament passed changes to the legislation that reduced the corporate tax rate of...

Long-term construction contract ruling | Draft ruling issued

31 October 2017
In 1987, Aretha Franklin finally got the respect she deserved by being the first woman inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Also that same year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released Income Tax Ruling IT 2450 to determine how to return income and recognise expenses on long-term construction contracts. Long-term construction ...

Western Australian State Budget Announcement

8 September 2017
A budget for Western Australians to be owned by Western Australians. This was the line the State Treasurer used as he released his first State Budget in office.   Predictably the Treasurer used this opportunity to express the State’s disappointment at WA’s distribution of GST receipts under the current distribution mechanism and the ...

Corporate Tax Rate reductions and the impact on shareholders

14 August 2017
In the 2016–17 Budget, the Government announced its intention to reduce the corporate tax rate from 30% to 25% by the 2026-27 income year.  These changes were outlined in the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill and after minor amendments by the Senate, received Royal Assent on 19 May 2017. Additionally, in an effort to incr...

Government Crackdown on Rental Property Deductions

21 July 2017
The Government announced in the 2017 Federal Budget that it would be making changes to the legislation regarding Rental Property Deductions under the guise of “reducing pressure on housing affordability”. Last week, the government released exposure draft legislation detailing how two components of their housing affordability package are prop...

Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Tax

19 July 2017
The Federal Government recently announced changes to the Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding (“FRCGW”) rate and threshold.  The changes will apply to all contracts entered into from 1 July 2017 and include: A reduction in the threshold for the disposal of Australian real property to a contract price of $750,000 (the thresho...

Fringe Benefits Tax Spotlight

18 April 2017
Customer Loyalty Programs Do you provide employees with a business credit card associated with a customer loyalty program?  Are employees able to convert loyalty points accumulated in connection with the business credit card to rewards (e.g. goods, personal flights, holiday accommodation etc.)?  Do you as an employer use th...

Increase of the Small Business Entity Turnover to $10m

11 April 2017
The Government has announced that it will accept changes made by the Senate to the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016. The Bill will likely be passed by the House of Representatives in the next parliamentary session. The Bill implements the Government’s plan to increase the Small Business Entity (“SBE”) turnover f...

Deductions for Mining & Petroleum Exploration Expenditure

15 March 2017
The Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) have recently issued Taxation Ruling TR 2017/1 to provide guidance on the application of both section 8-1 and section 40-730 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (“ITAA1997”).  The Ruling deals with what constitutes mining and petroleum exploration for income tax purposes and the availability ...

So you think you can restructure?

23 September 2016
The government recently introduced the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016 which will seek to increase the aggregated turnover threshold for access to most small business tax concessions to $10m (previously $2m). The bill and accompanying explanatory memorandum confirms that the Small Business Restructure Roll-over in su...

The government’s enterprising tax plan

23 September 2016
The Coalition Government has recently introduced the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016 into Parliament which will increase the aggregated turnover threshold to small business tax concessions from $2m to $10m.  The bill has been referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee and as such is not yet law, howe...

Backpacker Tax On-hold

18 May 2016
The Government has announced that any introduction of the “backpacker tax” will be deferred from 1 July 2016 until 1 January 2017.  In recognising the backpacker tax could adversely impact the rural sector, the Government, has said the tax will be reviewed as part of a broad review of workforce shortages faced by agricultural and touri...

Employee share scheme (ESS) changes

26 June 2015
From 1 July 2015, ESS changes allow taxing points to be deferred and introduce a significant new concession for 'start-up' companies. Tax deferral The maximum period of tax deferral increases from 7 years to 15 years. The deferred taxing point for options (and for other rights, such as performance rights) effectively moves from vestin...

WA state tax exemption for charitable bodies or organisations

10 April 2015
How will the changes affect your organisation? The Taxation Legislation Amendment Act (No. 2) 2015 (WA) introduced amendments to the charitable exemptions available under the Duties Act 2008, the Land Tax Assessment Act 2002 and the Pay-roll Tax Assessment Act 2002. The changes will operate prospectively from 10 Mar...

Fringe benefits tax – tax tips for year end

16 March 2015
With 31 March just around the corner, many businesses are focusing on ways to reduce their fringe benefits tax (FBT) liability. We have therefore provided the following strategies that may help in reducing FBT. Car fringe benefits For employers using the statutory method to calculate car fringe benefits, the employer must use one of the fo...

Payroll tax update for WA

5 March 2015
Payroll tax threshold The Western Australian payroll tax threshold went from $750,000 to $800,000 on 1 July 2014. Plans to raise it to $850,000 have been delayed to 1 July 2016 (at this stage!). From 1 July 2015, a gradual diminishing of the payroll tax exemption threshold will be introduced for payrolls between the current exemption threshol...

Informed and holistic approach needed for GST debate

12 January 2015
The recent debate around the broadening of the GST base to include either fresh food versus private health and private education feels a little like introducing bandaids when major and painful surgery is required. Based on our international research from our recent publication The Evolution of Tax, we know one thing for certain. In dev...

Pending tax amendments trigger timely review of legal structures for SMEs

Eligible small businesses (SMEs) entitled to change their legal structure without incurring a capital gains tax (CGT) liability, once the Tax Laws Amendment (Small Business Restructure Roll-over) Bill 2016 is finally passed by federal parliament, should seek specialist input before entering into any new arrangements. As of 1 July 2016...

Overdue Federal Budget approval locks-in cash flow benefits for expanded SME sector

Pending approval of May’s announced 2016-2017 Federal Budget, warrants a timely review of proposed changes for a much wider catchment of small business entities. Now that some of the Federal Budget 2016-17 has successfully passed, it’s worth recapping on the biggest fallouts for SMEs within the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan)....