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Business growth

Take your business to the next level with practical strategies and support from RSM’s business advisers.

Business Growth services at RSM
Business Growth

Business growth

Business Growth services at RSM

Boost your business growth, maximise your profits, and manage the risks by partnering with RSM to effectively plan for all phases of your business lifecycle.

Our business advisers can help you start, grow and exit a business on your terms and in your time – equipped with a commercial business plan, expert accounting and tax advice, and a trusted sounding board to work through opportunities and challenges as you progress on your business journey.


Whether you have a great new business idea, an appetite to grow an existing business, or you need to save a struggling one, we can help you.

Your first consultation is on us.

What we offer

Whether you have a great new business idea, an appetite to grow an existing business, or you need to save a struggling one, we can help you:

  • scope and identify potential opportunities
  • develop a competitive strategy with implementation support
  • understand capital, capacity and capability requirements
  • model scenarios and plan for different outcomes
  • prepare a commercial business plan
  • set up your accounting processes
  • meet reporting and financial obligations
  • effectively structure or restructure your business
  • prepare your business for exit or to become investor ready

You will also get access to RSM’s extensive resources, including connections to our valuable local, national and global networks.

All of our services are designed to give you more confidence as you make important business decisions, while empowering you with the tools and insight needed to achieve your business objectives.

We can also support you with a range of complementary services such as accounting and tax , strategic outsourcing , and digital and cloud accounting.


Story House Learning

Case Study: Story House Early Learning

Early-learning-centre company Story House Early Learning, which started with six centres back in 2017. However, they then acquired/opened an additional 17 centres over the next 15 months – further growth has since taken its numbers to approximately 40 centres, across Queensland, Victoria and NSW. With the right structure and compliance in place, Finn is confident that Story House is positioned for growth – and RSM has an ongoing role.

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Senegrence International

Case Study: SeneGrence International

The SeneGence story began in 1999 when founder and CEO Joni Rogers-Kante launched its premier product, LipSense Long-lasting Liquid Lip Colour, marketed through a network of Independent Distributors. Whilst the rapid growth has been more than what Rogers-Kante could have ever hoped for, it has also meant responding quickly through the implementation of fairly significant changes throughout the company.

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Do you have the right structure to succeed?

No doubt you’ve heard it before; “make sure your business is well structured." Which entity should own and operate your business? A company, trust, unit trust, sole trader, or a combination in partnership? But more importantly, if your business is in a structure that does not suit theAll businesses should ask the following questions of their current business structure: business’s needs, what can be done to correct it?

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RSM offers Safe Harbour strategies

NDIS 2022: Updates to Pricing and Challenges for Businesses

19 January 2023
RSM offers an overview of 2022 NDIS pricing and outlines some of the challenges facing NDIS businesses in the current climate.

Why now is the time to consider debt consolidation

29 November 2022
After enduring 6 consecutive interest rate hikes since May, and hearing analysts predict that they’re not over yet, it would seem the financial pressure on individuals and business owners is going to continue.

ATO’s compliance approach - allocation of professional firm profits

25 November 2022
16 December 2022 will mark 12 months since the ATO’s release of Practical Compliance Guideline PCG 2021/4 – the new tax compliance approach to the allocation of professional firm profits.

How company structures are beneficial to farming businesses

18 November 2022
In recent times the ATO has had companies under the microscope in terms of taxation affairs.

Record keeping for a trade services company

8 September 2022
One of the most neglected aspects in all businesses, but especially the trade services industry, is the ability to manage records for the ATO. As time consuming as it may seem, when you have a great system in place to assist with this side of business, it can be a quick and easy process.

Should you raise your prices to keep up with inflation?

10 August 2022
I was in a retail store the other day and was surprised to see a notice taped to the counter. It said: “We are proud that we haven’t raised our prices, even in light of current events.”

Next round of QLD business boost grants

3 August 2022
The next round of QLD Business Boost Grants is about to open!

Key considerations for agribusinesses facing current economic challenges

7 July 2022
In the face of increasing economic uncertainties associated with rising interest rates, significant inflationary cost pressures, product innovation and dynamic global markets, to mention just a few, it is critically important that managers take this opportunity to review the long-term financial health and competitiveness of their agribusinesses.

5 essential tips for subdividing, developing and selling your property

27 May 2022
Selling your home or investment property? For those who want to take advantage of opportunities in the property development space, getting started can be incredibly daunting.

Is crypto the next payment option for businesses?

17 May 2022
As we inch ever-closer to a cashless society – tapping our cards, phones and even watches to pay for goods and services – the question on everybody’s lips is: how long until we see a digital currency in Australia?

Your really useful pharmacy budget

27 April 2022
Preparing a budget is a critical step in any business however a majority of business owners simply don’t prepare budgets for their business.

Why business owners need to get on top of leave balances after lockdowns

14 March 2022
With nowhere to go and nothing to do but work, accumulated leave balances have increased dramatically. With borders now open, it’s a great time to encourage staff to take some much-needed time out and use up some of their leave.

RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management announce partnership

2 March 2022
RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management's partnership to boost innovation and financial security in healthcare  

NSW Government Support – Omicron Affected Businesses

4 February 2022
The NSW State Government have recently announced a $1bn financial support package to assist businesses with the financial burden caused by the Omicron outbreak in NSW.