Business owners in the healthcare sector face all the normal challenges of running a business, while also operating in a highly complex and regulated environment.

If your healthcare business is struggling, our restructuring and recovery team can work with you to determine your options so you can make informed decisions and approach the future with confidence.




Greg Dudley
National Head of Restructuring & Recovery

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What we offer

Resolve a partnership dispute
Whether you’re managing a vet clinic, a GP or dentistry practice, or a group of pharmacies, partnership disputes create a lot of internal tension and ultimately bring even the most successful health businesses to an end.


Protect your assets
Your business structure goes a long way towards keeping your personal assets safe if your company becomes insolvent.

Our team can assess your existing structure and associated risks, and provide recommendations on how to better protect yourself and your family, as well as certain company assets (such as commercial property).


Create a roadmap to overcome outstanding tax debt
Outstanding tax liabilities can place a great deal of pressure on healthcare businesses, particularly if you’re already dealing with cashflow issues.

While the debt may seem insurmountable, it’s important not to ignore it as this often leads to a more dire situation. Instead, take a proactive approach to your personal or corporate tax issues, with support from our team who can assist you by:

assessing tax debt
reviewing tax risk
negotiating a realistic payment plan
evaluating your structure for tax inefficiencies
We can also liaise with the tax office on your behalf, and may be able to seek relief from interest penalties.

Understand the profitability of services
Cashflow issues usually stem from a fundamental business issue, and in healthcare this can be due to an unprofitable business model.

Be it a 100% bulk billing strategy, or the inefficient delivery of services, it’s important to find and remediate the root cause so your business can start on its journey towards profitability. We have successfully assisted many healthcare business owners to conduct a thorough profitability review, leading to higher revenue and a healthier bottom line.

A full suite of Restructuring and Recovery services

You can rely on RSM to support your organisation with a range of debt management and restructuring services, backed by our strong reputation and 100-year history.

With 32 offices across Australia, our teams operate in metro and regional areas – partnering with big brand names through to small, rural community healthcare organisations to deliver onsite and remote support.




RSM Health Support


With our finger constantly on the pulse of what’s happening within healthcare, we’re able to offer timely and relevant support that provides assurance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.