Dispute resolution and family law support

We adopt a 'hands on' and visible role in all dispute resolution assignments, ensuring the highest level of responsibility and accountability.

Our dispute resolution and family law support services demonstrate an understanding of the court process and significant experience in providing both written and oral expert evidence in court, and acting as court appointed receivers and/or trustees.

We can assist in disupute resolution matters on a local, state, national and international level in the following areas:A 'hands on' and visable role in all dispute resolution assignments

  • business valuations
  • investigative accounting and solvency reviews
  • court appointed receiverships and real property trustee appointments
  • expert witness reports
  • quantification of economic loss and damages
  • investigation of financial transactions
  • analysis and reconstruction of accounting records
  • asset tracing exercises
  • occupational fraud and misconduct investigations
  • assistance in mediating disputes between business partners or in family law matters with the aim of achieving a commercial resolution
RSM establishes a new Corporate Advisory Hub at Port Macquarie, NSW

RSM establishes a new Corporate Advisory Hub at Port Macquarie, NSW

RSM has further extended its regional presence with the establishment of a new Corporate Advisory Hub at Port Macquarie on the Mid-North Coast of NSW.
asset protection

RSM Asset Protection Series: The family home

When a business or other venture fails, the primary concern many people have is their level of personal liability. Mainly, “How much am I personally liable for, and will it impact my family?”.
Six important aspects to set yourself up for the next chapter after divorce

Divorce & Financial Planning – Six important aspects to set yourself up for the next chapter

When separating from your spouse there are often headline issues like sorting out the custody of the children, ongoing support payments, and splitting assets which take priority over other items.
RSM’s multidisciplinary Family Law Support team are experts in untangling the financial web in family law matters.

Case Study: Untangling the financial web

Understanding financial statements and their underlying supporting documents can feel like interpreting a foreign language, but they contain a wealth of important information for property settlements.

Life during bankruptcy: is it really that bad?

Fear of the unknown is undoubtedly stressful, but for someone facing bankruptcy, that fear can be debilitating.

Sign up for an Asset Protection event near you

Imagine losing all of your assets in one fell swoop – house, cars, savings… the lot. Insurance can never protect against every scenario, but asset protection can try. 

RSM expands Restructuring & Recovery division into Queensland

RSM Australia has announced the expansion of its Queensland operations to include a Restructuring and Recovery practice, led by Mitchell Herrett.

Insolvency reform edition 3 - January 2016

The ugly duckling and the swan

Divorce and succession planning

Divorce can have a significant impact on the family business, possibly leading to the sale of all or part of it. This article answers some of the key questions around this topic.