Transformation is much more than soft, safe incremental change – it is a marked (and sometimes radical) change in form, nature, or appearance.

A dynamic and changing world presents opportunities and a requirement for organisations to embrace and embed change. On occasions, it is necessary not just to change but to transform the way an organisation looks at its market, serves its customers and outplays its competitors.

Transformation Programs (‘TPs’) emerge when it is recognised that new ways, not minor improvements to existing practices, are necessary to exploit an opportunity or address a threat. 

Well-conceived, the TPs are often departmental or organisational wide and can include:

  •   Reframing and reworking the way an organisation views its market, products and services;
  •   Aligning planning, performance measurement and resources to achieve new strategic objectives;
  •   Assessing the cost benefits of changes in business processes or deployment of technological systems; and
  •   Streamlining of business units or assets.



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