Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation Services

Business transformation services

Today’s fast-moving business environment rewards businesses and organistions that rapidly adapt and often punishes those who become complacent, or simply refuse to recognise when the game moves on.

It is clear that change can cause discomfort and uncertainty.

We recognise the need for a more sophisticated approach to continual improvement, in all aspects of an organisation, from governance to business processes.

Explore how your business can transform today to thrive tomorrow.


Jean-Marc Imbert
National Head of Risk Advisory

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Jeremy Elman

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Organisational change cannot be delivered simply with a toolset, or off the shelf service offering.

As such, we engage with business stakeholders, from decision makers to operational leaders, and assist them to create and embed, a culture of continuous improvement and a mechanism to further ensure the business purpose is delivered through Business Transformation.

We bring industry-leading expertise and provide tangible benefits to organisations across a range of sectors. We help organisations like yours become more efficient, quicker and effective, with greater impact and improved stakeholder confidence.

Business transformation services at RSM

Organisations need to be structured correctly to deliver on their purpose and strategic objectives, and that sometimes it can be difficult to challenge the status quo to move forward.

We live for our motto “the power to being understood” and will seek to deliver on this promise to:

  • improve efficiency
  • assist you in leveraging benefits;
  • improve your projects, programmes and business transformation;
  • better manage your financial reporting and transform your finance function;
  • help standardise processes; and
  • work with you to realise potential.
RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

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20 September 2021
During the last couple of years, crypto assets have evolved and new players continue to appear in this space, while others - like the Libra from Facebook - appear to have vanished before their debut.

Now is the time to refresh your risk management practices

19 January 2021
In 2020, we witnessed many high-profile organisations on the front page of newspapers due to poor risk management practice. So, what can you do to prevent your organisation from the same failings in 2021?

Tips for managing risk through and after COVID-19

2 November 2020
Many organisations are engaged in discussions about COVID-19 and its implications from a risk management perspective. It is particularly challenging in Melbourne and Victoria, and we are all looking forward to the end of, or even an easing of restrictions.

Strategic risk: are they threats or opportunities?

26 October 2020
It is a regular activity for an organisation to undertake a risk assessment of its operating environment to consider, review, and document the many threats that organisations face.

Risk management - payroll pain: is it the system or the processes?

26 October 2020
Major payroll scandals had been reported for some time prior to COVID-19, but the risk remains.

Post Pandemic - Is your payroll system the next disaster?

1 September 2020
While most employers don’t deliberately underpay employees, errors can occur. Coles, Woolworths, Hero Sushi and MasterChef George Calombaris are the latest in a long line of companies and franchises to be caught in payroll scandals as a result of outdated payroll systems.

Culture Drives Risk Outcomes

20 July 2020
RSM partners with Peak Performance International, a Melbourne-based people and culture consultancy, to conduct Risk Culture Indicator (RCI) surveys.

Business Continuity Plan: Development Methodology

5 May 2020
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) experts at RSM bring some of the deepest and most thorough understanding of underlying risk and incident management issues.