Our team specialises in Finance & Operations solutions that work as part of the Xero ecosystem. 

We have extensive experience in System Implementation & Integration across a range of solutions and many vendors.

What we do:

  • Facilitate weekly check-ins throughout the process
  • Complete set up and configuration of the solutions outlined below, and beyond
  • Import of legacy data into your new system 
  • Setup of user access and permissions settings
  • Integration with Xero and a range of other applications, as required
  • Tailored training and documentation
  • Project management of implementation where the vendor may provide a partial implementation service, or for more complex implementations

Typical deliverables:

  • High-level walk throughs of the system throughout the process
  • Detailed, customised checklists of information required for the implementation and integration
  •  Integration mapping and related documentation
  • Documentation in the form of screenshots and comprehensive instructions tailored to your organisation’s requirements
  • Live or pre-recorded training designed for your organisation   



 Laurel Grey                           
 National Manager, Digital  Advisory

E: [email protected]

T: +61 2 8226 4500

How can we help you?


We do our best to work out a fixed fee for implementation and scope according to specific needs. Projects generally start at no less than $3,000 and fees increase depending on the number of solutions involved, complexity of the integrations, etc. An average fee tends to be $8,000 - $12,000 for an operations solution.

Time investment:

The typical time taken to conduct a System Implementation & Integration depends on the availability of your team and required output. You can expect 4-8 weeks on average.


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