The Farming Team


The Farming Team – committed to supporting Australian Farmers

RSM is a proud member of The Farming Team, a collaborative effort to support Australian farmers and achieve positive impact for the agribusiness industry across rural communities.

What is The Farming Team?

The Farming Team is an initiative promoted by cloud-based agri software Figured and brings together a collective of agri data tools and providers as well as experienced rural advisors who have the expertise to ensure Australian farmers get the right advice around all areas of their farm and related family aspects.  

With over 95 years of experience advising Australian farmers and primary producers, our experience makes us the perfect accounting partner to guide you, your family and your farm through any issues you have, whether you are:The Farming Team - committed to supporting Australian Farmers

  • struggling to make strategic business decisions
  • missing vital business tools to provide you with all relevant information regarding your farm
  • operating with outdated accounting software or business systems
  • overwhelmed at the thought of pulling together a budget
  • struggling to put in place effective succession planning for you and your family
  • receiving advice from an advisor who doesn’t understand your business or the industry

RSM’s partnership with Figured

RSM is a trusted partner of Figured, an innovative cloud application that assists farmers in getting more granular detail around the productivity of their agribusiness, whatever their focus is.

As a cloud-based add-on to Xero, Figured is an innovation in data collection. The app enables the farming community to swiftly collect important data and model forecasts and scenarios to provide farmers with the right information that they need to make important business decisions. With offices in regional locations spread across Western Australia, New South Wales, Southern Queensland and Victoria and advisors who live and work in the community, RSM will always be close to your primary production business.

Our commitment to Australian agribusiness

Our advisors are committed to ensuring farmers receive the right advice for business and their situation. We can implement the right reporting system to ensure that information can be accessed easily and cost effectively. Whether it be Figured or any other recording and reporting system, RSM can guide you to the right solution.

We understand farmers and their business and family needs.

For more information or to submit an enquiry, simply complete the form and one of our agribusiness specialists will be in touch with you shortly.


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