The free schools and regulated schools

RSM Denmark has worked with free schools, continuation schools and folk high schools for more than 50 years.

We attribute the fact that we are the first choice of many schools within consulting, auditing, and accounting to our presence. We place a high value on human relationships – the close contact and trusting communication is important to us.

As our customer, you will be assigned an accountant who will be your primary contact person. This person is part of a dedicated school team, who works primarily with the school area. It ensures quality, continuity, and commitment.

We prioritize closeness to our customers. We are convinced that collaboration and positive dialogue are important elements in relation to being able to deliver exactly the solutions that match the school's individual needs.
It requires not only that we are good at accounting - but also that we can listen and that we have an in-depth knowledge of the school, its history, challenges, wishes and surroundings.

Accountant with solid experience and expertise in schools

In relation to schools, we can offer our assistance and advice in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Counseling and establishment of free schools, continuation schools and folk high schools
  • Accounting assistance and guidance in connection with the establishment of the school's own bookkeeping.
  • Guidance regarding the ongoing financial management and better use of the school's resources
  • Preparation and reporting of the annual report
  • Preparation of operating and liquidity budgets
  • Declaration on statutory reports as well as assistance in connection with applying for grants
  • Investment advice
  • Advice in connection with raising and rescheduling loans
  • Participation in board meetings and general meetings
  • Advice on merging and discontinuing free schools, free kindergartens, continuation schools, and folk high schools.