Vocational schools and high schools

RSM Denmark has a large customer portfolio within vocational schools and high schools. We therefore have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, which means that we know what it takes to run a healthy and competent vocational school and high school. Our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures you a local specialist who can assists with the finances, as well as ensure that all the requirements set by the authorities are in order.

Vocational schools and high schools are an industry where there are many laws and regulations that are important to comply with. It is therefore an industry where challenges arise on an ongoing basis that need to be addressed. The financial aspect can take up a lot of time in the everyday life, and it is therefore important that you find a adviser who can guarantee that you get competent professional sparring.

Advising vocational schools and high schools is one of our strengths. At RSM Denmark, we have accountants who are specialists in advising in the field of education, as well as special competencies in management auditing and IT auditing, which helps to ensure that you get an accountant who will act as a sparring partner who advises with special focus on your business.

Accountant with extensive experience in consulting and assistance to vocational schools and the high school industry

Our auditors pay particular attention to the following services and services that are relevant to the vocational school and the high school industry

  • Establishment of new schools
  • Budgeting
  • Optimize the organization
  • Strategy development
  • Sparring on financing for major investments
  • Auditing and accounting
  • VAT and taxes
  • Financial system