The world has long been changing when it comes to consumer shopping patterns. The traditional retail trade has for a long time experienced a decline in favor of the internet trade, which is still increasing. However, it comes as a surprise to many how difficult it can be to start a webshop, even some of the big players in the market are running a deficit. 

Marketing spending on social media and Google Ads (AdWords) is high, often accounting for double-digit revenue. Postage agreements as well as challenges regarding returned goods can also be financially challenging. In other words, it is not necessarily cheap and easy to start a webshop, but with the right advice and help, one can avoid many pitfalls and wasted costs in a growing industry.  

RSM Denmark has in-depth knowledge of the industry and many years of experience in consulting webshops and internet trade. We know the specific issues in the industry and the importance of SEO and link building for sales. We know the cost structure of digital marketing via social media and Google Ads (AdWords), just as we know the value and use of Google Analytics, My Business, Data Studio as an analytical tool. 

Accountant with extensive experience and knowledge of Webshops

In connection with the audit of webshops, we can offer our assistance and advice in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Importer registration.
  • Exporter registration.
  • VAT rules on sales inside and outside the EU.
  • Online payment solutions.
  • Integration of webshop for financial accounting.
  • Inventory management and integration into financial accounting.
  • Start-up or purchase of a webshop.
  • Preparation and reporting of the annual report.
  • Tax advice and calculation of taxable income.
  • Preparation of operating, status and liquidity budgets.
  • Investment and financing advice.
  • Advice in improving internal controls and business operations in the company.
  • Advice on ongoing financial management and reporting as well as better use of resources.
  • Accounting assistance.